115 Days

Warning: this story may contain content that may be triggering to some audiences. please read with caution.

Message Received 4:36 pm From: unknown number
- hey

Messaged Sent 4:39 pm To: unknown number
- hey?

Message Received 4:39 pm From: unknown number
- what's up

Messaged Sent 4:40 pm To: unknown number
- um, nothing. who is this exactly?

Messaged Received 4:41 pm From: unknown number
- no one in particular :)


3. two

"did you see what that sammy girl was wearing?"
"omg, yeah! she looked hideous."
"she looked like an ostrich!"
"ha, so true!"


i roll my eyes as olivia monroe talks shit about some girl they must've seen in the hallway. oh shit, she saw me! 

"do you have stuff to say, jenna? considering i just saw you roll your eyes at what i was saying. maybe you should mind your own business." my face burns as she talks loud. the people around us stare at me. God, please just let the ceiling open up and you strike me with a lightning bolt so the humiliation can be over with. i guess olivia wasn't done ruining my day because she's still calling me out.

"you know, you're really pale." no duh, dipshit.

"and you're quiet." wow, this bitch is really dumb.

"why don't you have any friends?" because cunts like you make me want to rip out every single strand of hair in my head.

"is it because the rumors about you strangling a girl your freshman year caused you to lose what friends you had?" what? why would someone say that about me? i mean, i did have friends my freshman year, even in middle school. but i pushed them all away because they all started being the typical high school girl: talked shit about everyone, talked about who lost their v card first, conceited. the usual. one of the girls that i was friends with, started doing drugs because of some boy she started dating. now she's pregnant, i think. 

"or maybe it's because you dress like a hippie and you sit by yourself, probably touching yourself because you'll never have a boyfriend. no decent guy would ever like someone like you .. what's your name again? oh yeah, loser." she grins. everyone is laughing and my face is redder than a tomato. i wish i wasn't such a pussy because my mind has so much stuff to say to her, but it refuses to come to the surface of my mouth.

olivia turns back around in her seat and continues to gossip with her friends once again. cunt.

"she's such a loser," olivia's friend's repeat over and over again. well, ladies and gentlemen, this is my daily life.



i manage to make it through the last of my daily classes without too much more torment. calum was too busy flirting with a new girl that was in my last class. I get in the car with my friend, lauren, as she drives me to my house. lauren and i don't have any classes together which really sucks for me. if she was in any of the classes that the preps gave me issues, they wouldn't have said anything because everyone likes lauren. lauren and i became friends the ending my freshman year. it was the beginning of when i was getting bullied. there were three boys that said that i had to lick the urine pole where a lot of boys have peed on. it's tradition at our school and it's disgusting. they said that if i didn't lick it, they were going to give me a wedgie. i was so scared and when i was so close to touching it with my tongue, lauren came with this huge branch in her hands and hit one of the boys. 

"you guys are fucking assholes and need to get a life!" she yelled at them. at this point, i was crying so hard. the boy that got hit, tried to laugh it off, thinking that if he ignored her, lauren would leave. he turned back around to me and forced my face towards the pole. but my tongue never came into contact with the pole because lauren started swinging at the boys again. finally, they left me alone and left. lauren took me to her place and i had a sleepover. ever since, we've been best friends. she knows that everyone picks on me and feels sorry for me, which i don't need her pity. she's not the one that gets laughed at and name-called every day. 

"so, what happened in your classes?" she asks. she asks me that everyday and i give her the same answer.

"the usual."

she sighs. 

"did calum mess with you today?" i shake my head.

"not really. he fell asleep in art and when we were in history, he was flirting with some new girl." she nods.

"what about olivia?" i hesitate. she glances at me.

"she messed with you, too?" I shrug, looking out of the window.

"gosh, jenna. you really need to stick up for yourself. i don't understand why you let everyone walk all over you." i choose to ignore her as trees go by. we sit in silence the rest of the ride to my house. she pulls up to the front of my house. i unbuckle my seat belt and grab my bag. before i could open the door, i feel lauren's hand on my arm.

"i love you like a sister, jen. you're a tough girl when you're with me. i just don't know why you never say anything about what they do and say to you." i look at lauren.

"listen, it's really not a big deal," i say, just wanting to go to my room so i can Twitter stalk my fave celebrities.

"but it is. you're supposed to have the best high school experience. everyone deserves that, but because you let these guys make fun you and everything, you're miserable and you never do anything." i lightly pull my arm out of her grasp.

"hey, i gotta go. i'll text you." I open the passenger door, get out, and close it. i walk to the front door and unlock it. once i was inside, i peek to see if she's still sitting there. she starts her car again and pulls away. i watch her car drive down my street, and when i can't see it anymore, i blow the air that i didn't know i was holding. i toss my bag on the floor near the door. 

"mom, i'm home!"



So, how did you like this chapter? We didn't really know how to end it, so we just decided to end it right here. Be expecting more soon! Thanks for reading, and leave a comment.

- Zireee and t.ann

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