115 Days

Warning: this story may contain content that may be triggering to some audiences. please read with caution.

Message Received 4:36 pm From: unknown number
- hey

Messaged Sent 4:39 pm To: unknown number
- hey?

Message Received 4:39 pm From: unknown number
- what's up

Messaged Sent 4:40 pm To: unknown number
- um, nothing. who is this exactly?

Messaged Received 4:41 pm From: unknown number
- no one in particular :)


2. one

 i hate school.
i hate olivia monroe.
i hate school.
i hate olivia monroe.


i continue writing this in my english notebook as mr. sanders continue his lecture on shakespeare. if you're wondering who olivia monroe is, just think of regina george from mean girls but a little less pleasant and a little more annoying. all eyes have to be on miss perfect olivia monroe. gosh, just the name makes me want to gag. and her voice- don't even get me started.

hey, i'm jenna. i literally hate everyone. besides my parents, my cat nyx, and my best and only friend, lauren. i try my best to blend in with the crowd and go through the motions. but idiots like olivia monroe and calum hood just don't seem to want to leave me alone. oh yeah, i forgot to write this on my list as well:

i hate calum hood.
i hate school.
i hate olivia monroe.
i hate calum hood.


who is calum hood? oh, you know, biggest idiot on the planet. he's not a jock, and he's not a badboy. he's just a weird fuckboy that girls find really attractive. to add, he's immature and makes unnecessary noises and comments in class, but girls like that. which i don't know how. he picks on kids like me who aren't popular and cool like olivia monroe and bradley davis. (by the way, that's olivia's obnoxiously loud, jock boyfriend). i have both bradley and calum in two classes: art and history, which are my two favorite subjects; they're ruined because they're in there. he pokes me and teases my hair, getting it all tangled. he makes fun of the freckles that are on my face and says i dress weird. basically he makes my life a living hell. and no matter how hard i try to ignore him or scoot away from him, he just. doesn't. stop. he doesn't have an off button. and to make my life even worse than it already is, he sits right next to me in those two classes because our last name starts with an 'h'. like, God couldn't do one good thing for me and give me a last name that starts with any of the other 25 alphabet letters.

now i'm sure some of you are thinking, how can this shy, friendless girl talk so much shit about everyone? maybe if people left me alone i wouldn't have so much shit to talk about. it's like they want me to hate them. i mean, why else would they torment me daily? for the fun of it i'm sure. it's so fun to make fun of people because they're not you, right? because little-miss-perfect over there seems to think so.  



So, here is the first chapter. How did you like it? This is a different writing style that I'm not used to so it was a bit harder to write in this way, but all the thanks go to @Zireee for writing the first draft of the first chapter! She is the one who completely wrote the first chapter, while I just went through and edited a few things, so 100% thanks to her. Give us some feedback and let us know how you liked it!

- t.ann, Zireee


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