115 Days

Warning: this story may contain content that may be triggering to some audiences. please read with caution.

Message Received 4:36 pm From: unknown number
- hey

Messaged Sent 4:39 pm To: unknown number
- hey?

Message Received 4:39 pm From: unknown number
- what's up

Messaged Sent 4:40 pm To: unknown number
- um, nothing. who is this exactly?

Messaged Received 4:41 pm From: unknown number
- no one in particular :)


1. description/cast



jenna is reserved. she doesn't have many friends, she sticks to her school work and does her best to stay out of sight of everyone. however, calum is almost the complete opposite. their differences are what makes calum pick out jenna as a constant target; picking on her constantly and never letting her leave his view until he seems she's had enough.

one day, jenna receives a text from an unknown number, and after many days of being left in the dark of who this person is, they come to an agreement: they will meet in exactly 115 days.

but she never thought it would be him.




Calum Hood as himself

Kelsey Simone as Jenna


Meredith Foster as Lauren (Jenna's best friend and only friend)


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