115 Days

Message Received 4:36 pm From: unknown number
- Hey

Message Sent 4:39 pm To: unknown number
- Hey?

Message Received 4:39 pm From: unknown number
- What's up

Messaged Sent 4:40 pm To: unknown number
- Uh, nothing. Who is this exactly?

Messaged Received 4:41 pm From: unknown number
- No one in particular :)

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3. Chapter Two

- January 15, 2018 -


Message Received at 8:52 am from: JARed

- So SARa, how are you on this fine morning??


My phone pings from under my pillow. I groan, reach under the pillow and grab my phone, squint at the blinding light, and roll my eyes at the screen. This kid will not leave me alone. After I told him my name, he kept sending text after text. Finally, I went to bed. I don't like to be rude, but I am not the one to double, triple, or even quadruple text like he is. 

I shove my phone back under my pillow and go back to sleep.




Message Received at 12:19 pm from: JARed

- SARa I knew you were the one to leave me on read but I didn't think you wouldn't text me all day :(

Message Sent at 12:24 pm to: JARed

- I don't even know you.

Message Received at 12:19 pm from: JARed

- Well, I know that but I thought we could get to know each other.. ??

Message Received at 12:20 pm from: JARed

- Btw, your cat is hideous

Message Sent at 12:21 pm to: JARed

- My cat is not hideous. You're hideous.

Message Received at 12:28 pm from JARed

- I actually like to think I'm quite good looking, thank you very much.

Message Sent at 12:30 pm to JARed

- Of course you would think that

Message Received at 12:30 pm from: JARed

- Hey what's that supposed to mean?

Message Sent at 12:35 pm to: JARed

- I'm going to ask this again. Why did you take my number off of my missing cat poster?

Message Received at 12:36 pm from: JARed

- Why wouldn't I?

Message Sent at 12:39 pm to: JARed

- Bc it's just weird. You have absolutely no idea who I am. Come to think of it, you have my address now.

Message Received at 12:45 pm from: JARed

- I'm going to send you something.

Message Sent at 12:46 pm to: JARed

- Don't send me anything. That's creepy.

Message Received at 12:59 from: JARed

- Yeah, maybe a little. To answer your question, you seem like the type of person who would have a cat like that. I think naked cats are hideous. No older person would own it, no adults who have kids would own it, so it's obvious a college student like me would own it.

Message Sent at 1:01 pm to: JARed

- You're just going to assume I'm a college student?

Message Received at 1:02 pm from: JARed

- You're not?


I turn my phone off and place it into my bag. How is he assuming I'm a college student? I think to myself. I mean, he's not wrong. I am a college student, but how did he know? 

I look at my wrist watch and see it's 1:05 pm. The seats around me start to fill with people, and the noise of talking and laughter is so loud I can barely hear my thoughts. This is the class I've been dreading all morning. It hasn't even started yet and I want to leave. We were given an assignment when we had this class a few days ago. We were supposed to write a four page, ten paragraph essay about how the economy is affected by natural disasters. I didn't even start it and it's due today. 

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen. If everyone could please bring down their printed copy of their essays and put them into this basket. I will be grading them tonight," the professor states. I watch as everyone around me brings their paper packets down while I just stay in my seat. It's kind of embarrassing actually. I think it's pretty obvious I don't have an essay written when I'm the only one still sitting down. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Well, there goes my straight A's.




Message Sent at 7:27 pm to: JARed

- I'm about to fail my Honors English because of you.

Message Received at 7:43 pm from: JARed

- Aaaaand how is this my fault?


I take my computer out of my lap and place it on the comfy bed beside me. I mean, it isn't really fair that I blame him because he really didn't do anything, but he has been stressing me out. I've been typing for almost three hours now trying to make up for this essay. The professor rarely accepts late work unless there is a real reason. I know he won't accept extreme-stress-about-a-guy-who-won't-stop-texting-me as a valid reason. Maybe I could fake my death? No, that won't work, I need to turn this essay in. Maybe I could say my aunt's aunt died? Does that even make sense? I think to myself. All I know is that I need to make this one damn good essay to turn in.


Message Sent at 7:52 pm to: JARed

- Because it just is

Message Received at 7:53 pm from: JARed

- "because it just is" is not really a good answer.

Message Sent at 7:56 pm to: JARed

- My aunt's aunt just died..

Message Received at 7:56 pm from: JARed

- Oh, I'm so sorry SARa

Message Sent at 7:58 pm to: JARed

- Okay, it's believable

Message Received at 8:01 pm from: JARed

- You really don't make any sense, did your aunt's aunt really die or not?

Message Sent at 8:10 pm to: JARed

- It's an excuse for my failing grade because you caused me so much stress that I didn't get my essay written for class today

Message Received at 8:12 pm from: JARed

- College is hard.

Message Sent at 8:12 pm to: JARed

- College IS hard

Message Received at 8:14 pm from: JARed

- Oh, so you ARE a college student






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