Will Regina Mills finally get the happiness she deserves? Will she stop having to do things for others?


1. Daniel

Chapter 1: Daniel


I walk into my mother’s study and find her reading her books. She’s always buried in her books. She looks up and puts her book on the table and smiles at me. She beckons for me to sit and I take my seat.

“Regina…what are you wearing?”

“My riding clothes. Daniel’s taking me riding today.” Mother shakes her head and sighs.

“Regina you spend so much time with Daniel. It’s unhealthy. There are rumors.” I’m intrigued. I lean forward on my seat.

“The queen. Queen Ava has died in childbirth. King Leopold is looking for a wife. I thought you were the perfect candidate. He’s rounding up all the young maidens of royal blood to attend a royal ball where he will choose his wife.”

            I stand up and run out of the room with Mother calling me to come here. She can’t stop me though. I run to the church and find my sister Zelena praying at the altar. Her red hair is covered with a black veil and tears stream down her face. Her husband Jackson or Jack kneels beside her. He too is crying. Tears escape my eyes. My sister has miscarried another child. It’ll be her fifth miscarriage, she did give birth once. To a little boy…he died before he could even be named. Now she’s miscarried again. She’s my older sister but she has no royal blood. Her father was a stable boy…she’s my father’s stepdaughter.

            I leave the church and head towards the stables. Maybe a little ride will help ease my mind. I mount my horse Magnificent and ride towards the old oak tree. Daniel’s already there waiting for me. I demount my horse and run into Daniel’s arms. He picks me up and spins me around. We share a kiss…which is taboo do to our religion but we kiss anyway. After we break for breath he laces his fingers into mine. He runs his fingers through my hair, ruining my perfect braid.

“Regina…did you hear the news?”

“Yes, I did, Queen Ava died two days ago giving birth to Snow White. Mother wants me to attend. It’s the law that I attend the ball. I’m unmarried and not engaged.”

“Your father has given me his blessing. He’s working on your mother’s mind.” Daniel drops down to one knee and I cry. A princess becoming engaged to a stable boy. I nod my head and he puts the brass ring on my finger. We share another kiss before I must run in for tea. Mother would kill me if I was late for tea.

            I change into a blue dress with blue crystals at the collar. I sit down to tea and wait for the servants to pour Mother and I a cup. Zelena joins us, she wears a green dress like my own and her red hair is up in a bun. The sign of a married woman. She sits down and I see her tear stained face. Mother doesn’t say a word and neither do I. I try to make small talk but before I can utter a word…my sister speaks.

“I’ve miscarried again. This is the sixth lost child. Jackson and I have decided to not try again.” An idea comes into my head. I keep my mouth shut though. I need time to figure out the next course of action. Would my sister want a bastard child? Having a child would mean that Daniel and I could stay together. With tea over I run to the stables and find Daniel. I tell him my plan and he agrees.

“When is the ball Regina?”

“In two months. Plenty of time.”


“Daniel. Trust me with this.”

Two months later…

            I sit in my bedroom and Zelena braids my hair. She does my makeup and does what a proper sister would do for her sister. I love my sister…she’s everything to me. I remember when we first met. I was six and she was eight. She had been sent away before Mother was saved and before Mother married Daddy. Mother brought her back after I was declared heir to the throne. I’m fifth in line…so I’m not technically heir anymore. Zelena finishes my hair when Mother comes in. Mother beckons me to stand and she hands me a new dress.

“Regina this is your dress.” I take the blue and silver dress into my arms and cry tears. I throw the dress on my bed and face my mother.

“I’m not going to the ball.” Mother crosses her arms and stares at me. I extend my finger and show her the brass engagement ring.

“I’m not going to the ball. Daniel and I have plans to get married.” Mother crosses to my easy chair and beckons me to sit down. Zelena sits down with me. Mother speaks.

“No Regina, you aren’t marrying Daniel. When was the last time you saw Daniel?”

“Two weeks ago. He said he was going to prepare us a house in the mountains. He left and he said he would be back for the wedding.”

“Regina, I found out about the proposal the day he proposed. Your father told me. Nothing goes on in this house that I don’t know about. I know about your plans. I kept up the ball disguise because…Daniel died two days ago on his way back. You’re marrying the king. You’re going to that ball.”

“No Mother, I’m not. I can’t marry…I’m pregnant.” I press a hand against my naval and Mother’s eyes grow sad. I’ve just ruined her plans. Mother collapses and I continue speaking.

“I’m giving Zelena and Jackson my child. Daniel and I were going to do that anyway. We weren’t ready to be parents. Mother…you want me to be queen? Why?”

“Because…I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. You’re sixteen…you’re too young to be making these decisions. You’re going to marry Leopold.”


Mother storms out of the room and I comfort my sister. I’m going to give my sister her child.

 Six months later…

            I hold my newborn daughter in my arms and I stare into her blue eyes. She looks exactly like Daniel. Zelena watches with an intense gaze. I can’t believe I’m giving away my happiness to make my sister happy. I’m marrying Leopold to make my mother feel accomplished that finally she’s done something right. In a few days, my little girl will be christened in the chapel. She’ll be the child of my sister and brother-in-law. My little girl is a child born out of wedlock and she needs her best chance. I hold her as she’s wrapped in silken white blankets. She wraps her hand around my finger and I try not to cry.

“Zelena…come here. Come get your daughter.” Zelena comes to my side and she holds her arms ready to receive the new princess. Heavy heartedly I put my daughter into my sister’s arms. I kiss my daughter’s head and say.

“I’m giving you your best chance. Be good princess, Mommy loves you.” Zelena crosses the room and presents my daughter to Jackson. She’s not my daughter anymore. As my daughter leaves, so does any reminder of Daniel. I sacrificed my daughter to give my sister what she’s been praying for and what she’s been wanting for so long.

            A wave of emotion creeps over me and I’m a huge mess of tears. I wipe away my tears and think about the once thriving child in my body now gone. I place a hand over my naval and feel nothing but emptiness. A warm feeling comes over me as I know that God is with me. He will always be with me even when I feel alone. Shortly, Zelena returns with my daughter in her arms. She places the little girl in my arms and I hold my daughter close.

“Regina…look at me.”

            I look up from my daughter and stare into the eyes of my sister. The turquoise irises gleam with happiness. I’ve made my sister happy.

“Regina…I can’t take your baby. She’s not mine to take.”

“Take her Zelena…she is yours. I can’t raise a child without a father. I can’t marry the king like Mother wants me to. If I have a baby. Take her…”

“Name her Regina…give her a name.”

            I stare into my daughter’s blue eyes and I stroke her black baby fuzz. She looks so much like Daniel. Her little red hand wraps around my finger and I shed a tear of joy.

“Hi little one…I’m your birth mother…you’re going to go live with someone who will love you. You’ll know me as Aunt Regina…when you are told…if you are told…just know that I do love you. Maybe one day instead of Aunt Regina…you’ll call me Mom…you’ll have two moms to love you. I love you little one.”

            I look up at my sister and she’s crying. It hurts her just as much as it hurts me. Maybe it hurts me even more. I’m giving the last reminder of Daniel to my sister. This little girl in my arms is my only connection to my dead fiancée. I kiss her little forehead and watch her sleep peacefully. She carefully opens her eyes and I smile. I can’t get enough of her eyes.

“Regina…what’s her name?”

“Her name…Victoria Elise Colter. Zelena when she’s old enough…please tell her.”

“I will. I’ll tell her that her mother is brave and courageous and sacrificed her happiness to make others happy.” I hand Victoria to my sister and cry in silence. My daughter is gone. A few days later before the christening I take Victoria to the palace grounds cemetery where Daniel is buried. Victoria sleeps in my arms in her christening gown. In just a few hours she won’t be mine anymore. She’ll still be mine but at the same time she won’t. I’ve been praying for months to make sure this is the right decision and I have a feeling that it is. I’m sixteen and I’m too young to be a mother. I can’t believe I’m only sixteen…I feel so much older. I stand at Daniel’s grave with Victoria in my arms.

“Hi Daniel…this is your daughter Victoria. I’m giving her to Zelena and Jackson like we planned. We were too young to be parents. Mother says I’m going to be queen. Apparently, Leopold still hasn’t found a wife. I guess I’ll be chosen at Snow’s birthday ball in a few months. I miss you.”

            I leave the cemetery and head towards the chapel. Right before I enter the church I kiss my daughter goodbye. 

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