The Realm

"So, Felix and Kai... what would it be? The girl," Madeline paused and pick me up by my hair.
"Or the crown?"
A psychopathic supernatural had crossed the Realm; endangering the lives of the hunters and human. Prince Felix recruits Alexer in the hope of keeping her safe. Kai, the leader of the army find it hard to get along with his newest team member, Alexer. When their lives intervene, what will Felix and Kai choose?


16. The Truth:Princess Halos Kim

Day of Madeline execution...

His glassy eyes laid in its sockets. The first of his body to collide with the floor was his head... detached from his body. Red liquid splashed the ground as his corpse collapsed to the ground. The loud THUD sent shivers down the knight guarding the room. Another dead body in the room of Princess Halos.

 Despite the routine cleaning, microscopic dust rises from their graves of stone. The stone cold interior of the castle paired perfectly with the princess living in it.

Cold. Forsaken. Inhumane.

The other servants huddle together like penguins would do to protect themselves from the cold.  Princess Halos breath quicken as she changed her field of sight to the remaining servants; burning a hole in their faces. Her teeth gritted with determination. 

Perhaps it wasn't her glance that made the hair on the servants' arms stood on its end. Her left hand clutched a deconstructed necklace. In the other was a sword, soaked in the blood of the previous servants. Her grip was not unequal to a lioness' paw on her prey.

"I will not ask again. WHO BROKE THE NECKLACE!" her scream echoed through the empty hallway. To compare her pitch to a banshee is far too kind. Halos' personal maids watched monotonously at the scene. Their mistress will kill them if they do anything else. They hear all, see all yet say none. The maids straighten their postures at the mentioned of their names.

They are powerless against the might of Princess Halos.

"Yes, Lady Halos" they replied in unison. Another rule they had to follow. 

"Bring me the cane. Death is too kind for these pests," she ordered coldly and angrily flung the carcase of her necklace to the servants. Their body shook up in fear. The maids stared at each other, neither wanted to inflict pain on their fellow servants. However, with the sudden glance from Halos, one of the maids ran to the cane cabinet. 

"My mistress, let me do it, "Naomi's hand shook as the words left her dried mouth. One might think she is cruel. But she was killing two birds with one stone. Halos' strength would surely rip the skin of the servants. There was no doubt that there will be no mercy from Halos.  Naomi was buying time for the knight to alert the royal family of this matter.

Halos slowly lowered her self on her throne seat. As ironic as it may sound, Halos holds a deep passion for the metallic throne. A symbol of power and control. The symbol of the Kim family... what's left of it. Her mother was treated badly ever since her 'father' found out that Halos was not his daughter.

"Proceed," she smirks.  The fewer muscles she had to move, the more content she is. Within the first strike, the heavy door swung open revealing the King and Queen.  No fear ever made its appearance on her face. First of daughter of Queen Jaquil had nothing to fear. Especially for her mother's brother and his wife. With the disappearance of her mother and the recent death of her 'father', they had become the temporary king and queen.

"Uncle. Aunty. Naomi, Jayd lead the pest out of this room. It appears we about to have a family meeting." venom drips from each word that left her mouth. The maidens need not let their mistress tell them twice, they began escorting the servants out of Halos' room. The King moved to let the servants pass.

"What did you do to them Halos?" The King's voice was stern but fear lingers in his words. She chuckled.

"It matters not what had happened to them. They are peasants and I am the princess. It is not that difficult to understand Uncle." she smiled rather warmly. Had no one knew what had happened before they would have sincerely believed her. But all those within the palace had witnessed her way. How she would fling those who looked at her to the wall. Shattered their bone and forced them puke blood. How she would hang all the merchants who bring the wrong goods to her. An untouchable evil.

The room had gone rather cold. The warmth of humanity had disappeared quite some time along. The flowers that used to bloomed on Halos' window still seemed to have run away with it.

The Queen who once took care of Halos like her own could not bear to watch her acting this way. Something went wrong though they had no clue what.  

"They are not animal. Yes, they are of lower status but they are human nonetheless," Thus the reason the throne was given to King Harold. Though he was raised to use the servants like a machine, he had never once taken advantage of those who were less fortunate. Same goes for his wife, Queen Patrova, whose heart held more value than all the gold that was hidden in the palace. Heart of gold would be an understatement.

" If you are thinking of punishing me, dear Uncle. Remember. If other royals heard of such new that the future queen was punished by the temporary king for disciplining her servants... I wonder how long that head of yours can connect to your body." She creeps closer to the King. The clanking of boots on the stone pavement made the King's heart raced. A predator is approaching a prey.

"Do me a favour and clean it up, Uncle. I need fresh air," she whispered through gritted teeth. She turned to spare a glance at the Queen. 

"Why don't you help him, Aunty? It's what you guys were asked to do by father, isn't it? Cleaning up after me." Her laugh was bitterly chilling. Hallowed.


"Long live the Menteur" She sang out as she strolled through the empty hallway. The Queen firmly hold the King's calloused hand

"We should have never let her meet with that supernatural witch," the king sighed,

"Felix must not know about what will happen tonight, he would never forgive me" the King whispered kindly to his wife.Something went wrong. If they can't fix it, they had to get rid of the object altogether.

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