The Realm

"So, Felix and Kai... what would it be? The girl," Madeline paused and pick me up by my hair.
"Or the crown?"
A psychopathic supernatural had crossed the Realm; endangering the lives of the hunters and human. Prince Felix recruits Alexer in the hope of keeping her safe. Kai, the leader of the army find it hard to get along with his newest team member, Alexer. When their lives intervene, what will Felix and Kai choose?


3. Resurrection

The atmosphere of the private meeting room seemed to intensify the tension between Lalisa and I.It's been a while since we have a proper conversation ever since the argument we had a few months ago. Her sinister remarks paired with her inability to sympathise with her trainees resulted in many hunters dropping out from the Alias Academy. Whether or not it was her intention, the academy is heading downhill. 

The leather chair was reasonably cold for a non-airconditioned room, considering we are halfway through summer.

Whilst explaining the reason for my recent disappearances from the academy,  Lalisa raised her eyebrows before placing her stain-glass mug on the table. It puzzled me as to why she would be drinking wine in a mug. Maybe...she's an aunt? 

Bless those nieces and nephews who were unfortunate enough to have her as an auntie. I can't imagine their family get-together.

"I don't believe you " she stated bluntly.
I rolled my eyes in response.  Of course, she wouldn't believe anything I say.  Ever since my parents enrolled me in the academy, she refused to believe a single word from my mouth. Was it perhaps due to my parents taking her spot in the Hunter Association? 

I dumped a pile of overdue assignments on the table, barricading my fist from her face. The stacks of paper reminded me of how much I have missed since I have been away. 

"This.." I pushed the pile closer to her. She glanced at the pile before returning her trance to me.


"Are ready to be handed back to Instructor Nuchara" I patted the pile before making my way out.  But of course, I wouldn't be the person who had the last words. Not with Lalisa being head of the academy. All trainees are obliged to her judgments.

"Alexer, I don't think you understand the severity of your disappearance." She signed heavily before continuing.

"We have lost enough hunters. We need the hunter to be in the higher ratio than human in order to protect them, do you understand? " her voice was heavy with command. To be quite frank, I don't understand why the hunters are so profound of protecting the human's lives when they themselves refuse to save their own kind. They neglected our species because we were 'freaks', now they expect us to protect them?  


"Yes, Madame Lalisa"

Making my way out of the academy, I noticed the humans flooding the street of Sevenferns. They always walk in a rush at 5 p.m. then again late in the night, like clockwork. It amazes me how similar yet different we are. It was as though they always have to be at a specific place for a period of time then repeat the process elsewhere. Each individual seems to cares only about oneself. They were no sense of unity nor mutual companionship. 

Each one is as selfish as the other.

The bus ride to my house was rather uncomfortable. The air conditioner of the bus had been broken for a while but I suppose the 'System' have other things to think about. On the way home I saw my human friends in the crowded human bus... with a working air conditioner.

The segregation makes it harder to sympathise with them, to protect them.

But it has always been this way, and I guess it always will be.

While I hurried into the driveway of my house, an army of dark clouds sailed to overcast the now dwindling sun. As if the whole situation was rehearsed, a shower of lightning blasted from the sky followed closely by a strong gust of wind that penetrates through my body. Within a blink, the sky released its droplets of water to the ground, drenching my clothes and documents in the process. 
The Realm... Someone had crossed the Realm. 

But there were no flares or other warning devices activated to forecast this. Undoubtedly, the Realm Patrolling Station would have detected this way before it had penetrated through.

I turned around swiftly and before my eyes, a feeble frame crept its way into my field of sight. Its figure swayed with the strong wind like paper drifting through a tsunami. Stealthily, I reached into my blazer's side pocket. While aligning my sight with the gun, the creature raced in my direction. 


"Ah, a hunter, right? You wouldn't have seen me otherwise," She whispered. She spoke with such calmness, it made my hair stood on its end. Her icy hand clutched my neck and another seized my wrist, forcing me to let go of my handgun. All my years of fears could not match the one I felt when I made eye contact with her. Her eyeballs were filled with ebony coloured liquid, an endless space. 

I felt as though they were pulling me inside. 

"Aim your toy elsewhere hunter!"  She hissed and flung me on to the gravel ground. The harsh contact with the ground knocked some air out of my lungs. I feel warm liquid seeping out on the side of my head.   Before I could catch my breath, she placed a needle-like wand to my throat before inserting them into my neck. I screamed in pain as I struggled to escape from her grasp. The metal was stone cold and the pain was incomprehensible. Right then and there, I thought I was going to die.

"You grew a lot you know, I barely recognise you." she smiled as she watched me fighting against her grip. Like a weak worm in the beak of the mighty bird, I knew I fucked up...big time. 

"Who the hell -" She tightened her grip, stopping the words from escaping my bruised mouth.

 I can hear it. 

The sound of blood trickling from the side of my neck.  The beating of my heart against my rib cage. 

"Shhh. Don't make too much sound, the human may all think you are insane," she slyly whispered. Slowly, she leaned in close my ears.  Fear had taken over me. I can't think straight. 

Think Alexer, how are you going to get out of this situation? With my last attempt, I  punched her in the face. She looked startled yet amused.

"Sweet dreams Alexer, tell your father Madeline paid you a visit"

Darkness entangled me within itself, selfishly.  Little whispers, like mice, made its way into my ear.

"It doesn't matter, it's just a supernatural..."

"Exactly Peter! A supernatural. Do you think they will give two shit about the Realm?" The voice resembled that of my parents. No doubt, the abrupt breached of the security system would scare them both. Gently, I fluttered my eyes, welcoming the light that overwhelmed my field of sight. The familiar white carved ceiling could only belong to the Hunter Association Hospital. How many hospitals in the world would waste its money on a carved ceiling? 

The piercing sting in my neck brought me back to my senses. A low hiss escaped my mouth, causing my parents to turn their head in my direction. 

"How are you feeling?" My mother asked as she stroked my head. I mumbled an okay. My body was still recovering from the injury. That bitch must have put the whole wand in. 

The bitch...

"Madeline... How does a supernatural know my name?" I asked.
 My parents froze in their spot with horror painted on their faces. My mother gently traced the bandage, trying to find the origin of the wound.

"Don't worry about her. Once she is captured, we will send her back before she could cause any more harm," stated my father There was a trace of uncertainty and nervousness lacing his words. Base on memory, she could be no more than a few years older than me. What has she done to cause such worry to them? 

"You have to stay here for a while though, okay?"  The sudden buzzing sound from my parents works phone cuts the tension in the room.

My parents left soon after they were called back to their position. Madeline sudden appearance cause a stronger reinforcement in protecting the human's and hunter's side of the realm. Never in my life had I seen my parents so nervous talking about a supernatural. They had always been very vocal about opposing the existence of the supernaturals. As hunters are currently living in the human's world, we are vulnerable to attack from both sides. By opposing the supernaturals at the very least we could side with the human. Though it makes more sense to me to side with the supernatural. Perhaps, they were too snobby for us, to rich to take care of the thing they have created. Perhaps, their ego drove the hunter to despite them.

The sound of faint tapping interrupted my train of thought. The door slowly slides to reveal the figure behind it. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Madeline, clothed in a long white coat, walked in through the door and closes it as soon she fully entered the room. She paralysed my body just like she did before. Her rich ebony hair was tied back into a ponytail. She would probably use it to strangle some poor soul. Madeline made her way to a chair beside my bed. Like a soon to be crown king walking to his soon to be thrown. Once she made herself comfortable, her attention was back on me. She was extremely calm for a person who is being hunted. Her eyes were focused and settled. It was as if she had no fear nor worry.

"I apologize for my earlier ... barbaric action. It's not like us to attack people like animals. Like you guys do." she spoke suddenly. She pulled her needle-wand out of her white coat. Blood trickled down the wand before landing on the carpet. Then the wand appeared to suck the blood.

What the fuck?

"You see, my wand feast on blood.  A supernatural blood is far too strong but the human is not pure enough." She paused and looked down at me. I didn't realise how intimidating she is or her height.

"Do you know where I am going with this?" The absent of my response made Madeline laughed as she returned the wand to its original spot. I felt a strange sensation throughout my body. She sighed with content.

"I imagine you have some questions, I'll answer some but be quick, they are looking for me."  She winked and leaned back in the chair. She really is something else. Her calm eyes remain settled. Her calmness remains a mystery, her intention, however, was crystal clear. She needed hunters blood in order to be stronger.

"How did you know my father?" My voice came out coated with fear. I hated it.

"Cliche question. Hmm, Peter Kim.  Your father was the one who was supposed to put me in my grave, " A smile curled upon her lips.  That's mean that the System wanted her dead...but why?

"Yet here I am. One- on- one with the youngest of the Kims. Nice to meet you Alexer," Madeline smiled.

What does she want with me?

" How did you get past our security system?" She went under the radar somehow. It never happened before.

"Do hunters really think the supernatural can't cross the realm our founders created? We can cross the Realm, intact. You lot can barely make it across the wasteland." she chuckled. Her gaze seemed to have softened. Her presence made the room extremely cold. She knew what she is capable of. She knew what she is doing. I'm afraid that what she is planning to do the hunter will be successful.

"I need you to do something for me" She placed her hand on either side of my face. Gently but firmly.

"Whatever it is, I won't do it. HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!" I yelled helplessly.

"Scream till your throat is dry, they won't hear you. Don't worry Alexer, you won't even remember it, "Madeline sighed. Slowly she placed the wand on my heart. My heart began to beat faster. 

"And that's what makes it more fun for me,"

"The system will kill you!" She found humour in my plead. Her eyes turned violet as the wand gives off a white light.

"Sweetie, I made the system."

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