The Realm

"So, Felix and Kai... what would it be? The girl," Madeline paused and pick me up by my hair.
"Or the crown?"
A psychopathic supernatural had crossed the Realm; endangering the lives of the hunters and human. Prince Felix recruits Alexer in the hope of keeping her safe. Kai, the leader of the army find it hard to get along with his newest team member, Alexer. When their lives intervene, what will Felix and Kai choose?


8. Rage

Alexer's P.O.V

The heat from the ground was rather intense. Even with my hunter's boot, it still managed to seep through. My father told me once that this place was once lushed with life. With wildflowers flourishing as far as the eye could see. He recalled when he took my mother out to see the flower gardens, where he proposed to her.    

Then came a curse. A supernatural curse that slowly creeping upon us all.

" Mortel, be reasonable. We were running late, I'm sure he is fine."  

"We were AHEAD of the schedule by half an hour Kai!" Mortel's scream rings in my ears.  

The loud quarrel not far away from the main tent made any personal thought impossible. Jo was on the phone with Prince Felix but I guess he found the situation hard to ignore too.  

" Our unit has successfully cleared out the residents. Location of Hoya is still unknown but we are working on it. I'll report back to you in a few days, Prince Felix." The line was cut before Prince Felix was able to answer.  Jo sighed as he turned back to look at the two.  

I was surprised he could hear anything at all since Mortel and Kai are screaming at each other not so far away from the main tent. They have been like this ever since Kai steps off the car. No one dared to pull them apart. No one wants to throw themselves into a tsunami.    

However, when the other unit leaders and other dressed up people started to arrive, they slowly stopped their quarrel.    

"Mortel Serpent and Kai Esperer... Good role models you lots are," one dressed up guy smirked as he walked between them.  

"It won't happen again, Lord Mason," With tears threatening to fall, Mortel bowed. Her movement was shaky, weak. She had gone cold.   Kai froze in his spot and let out a deep sigh. He was reluctant in deciding whether to bow or stay still.  

"Mortel, go over the second stage of the plan with the group. We can't mess it up this time," he ordered before following what's his name and disappear into the leaders' tent. The atmosphere shifter as the two was separated. The barren land was filled with whispers from the other units members. None of them was pleasant to my ears.

"...she deserves it. I heard she slept with.... just to get here,"  

"This is why she never move up her rank..."  

"If I was Mortel, I would have killed mys-" I have never seen a hunter moved so fast from one spot. Mortel's vain is dominant on her hand just as much as the pale colour of a hunter whom she is currently choking. She tried to scream. It was not a surprise that the waves of criticism sudden came to stop.   

"Scream till your throat is dry, they won't hear you." her grips tighten.  My mind flashes back to Madeline.     

She placed her hand on either side of my face.   

"Whatever it is I won't do it. HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!" I yelled helplessly.  

"Scream till your throat is dry, they won't hear you."  

"Mortel, You are going to kill her!" Jo and the other members tried to pull hunter away from her.  

"Really? I didn't notice. Assasin Hunters, follow me, " she relaxed her grasp. 

  Note to self. Don't piss off vice-captain. Mostly Mortel.  




**Author's Note**

I'm so sorry that this chapter is far too short but I was inactive for so long. I will work harder for the next chapter :)




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