The Realm

"So, Felix and Kai... what would it be? The girl," Madeline paused and pick me up by my hair.
"Or the crown?"
A psychopathic supernatural had crossed the Realm; endangering the lives of the hunters and human. Prince Felix recruits Alexer in the hope of keeping her safe. Kai, the leader of the army find it hard to get along with his newest team member, Alexer. When their lives intervene, what will Felix and Kai choose?


2. Prologue

The realm separating the humans and the superior supernaturals have long believed to be immense. Crafted by the 'Supernaturals' themselves, it was nothing short of a mythical barrier.

With bricked walls as high as the sky and as wide as the eternal horizon protecting the untouched realm.

The humans were to be left unaltered and the supernatural were to be worshipped through generations of sacrifices. A sacrifice of the weak, the royal and the fool. 

The treaty was made to ensure the survival of the human race. The loss of a few will prevent the Supernaturals from attacking them.

The human's realm was protected by those who were the ‘exceptions’; the mixed-race offspring.  The Hunters, though possessing supernatural-like strength and intelligence, are cursed with the life span of the human.

Now, evils are lurking from either side of the realm. 

And one side will conquer the other once and for all. 


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