The Realm

"So, Felix and Kai... what would it be? The girl," Madeline paused and pick me up by my hair.
"Or the crown?"
A psychopathic supernatural had crossed the Realm; endangering the lives of the hunters and human. Prince Felix recruits Alexer in the hope of keeping her safe. Kai, the leader of the army find it hard to get along with his newest team member, Alexer. When their lives intervene, what will Felix and Kai choose?


14. Facing fear

"You were snoring, it sounded like a pig being murdered." I heard Kai laughed as he began sorting the medical bottles on my bedside.   The bed move slightly as he rampages through the draws.

Kai. Of course, it has to be him.

"Do you know who killed my family?" I asked bluntly. There was no need in beating around the bush. He seems amused by my question. 

"How would I know Alexer? I'm not a god," He smirked as he chucked a medicine bottle at me. I do not recognize this room at all. The room was cream coloured from top to bottom. Unlike those in the city and much different from those in the wasteland.

 Kai looked out of place without the hunter's uniform.  He seems a lot more... well built and matured. A stark contrast to his boyish face and immature nature. Like someone planted a boy face on a body builder's body. 

"Mortel was concerned about your health so she asked Felix to transfer you to the rehabilitation centre. Now thanks to you being under my leadership, I was forced to come and visit. So if you could hurry up and get well, I would really appreciate it" He blurted as if he could read my mind. I rolled my eyes at his lecture.  

My family funeral will be held in a few days, I suppose the hunters wanted me to clear my mind out before then.

Slowly, I twisted the cap of the bottle and swallowed the recommended amount of the painkiller. 

"It's not your fault you know... about what happened to them. It was their own doing," He stated as he took the medicine bottle from me. Suddenly, anger rushed through me like an unforeseen tidal wave. How dare he say that without any proof!

"Their own doing? What the f*** was that suppose to mean Kai!" I yelled and pushed him away from my bed. He stumbled a bit as he did not anticipate for my action. His eye widened in surprise as he regained his balance. For a moment, he thoughts of his reply. Like he was afraid of saying anything that would make the situation worse.

I sighed deeply and began to get up. All the bones in my body started to ache. Which make no sense since I'm physically fine.

"My family worked very hard for the system. We were amongst the family who stayed and fought for the King when the monarchy was threatened. You worked with Fern. You should know what kind of a person she is. They wouldn't choose to end their lives this way. "  I cried out in rage. My voice sounded shaky and my body felt weak.  I wish it didn't.

I have lost everything.

All because of Madeline.

He looked down at me, his piercing grey eyes soaked with empathy. He placed his hand on my shoulder reassuringly.

"I was just trying to make you feel better. I'm sorry." He smiled gently, trying to erase what he had said. 

"But we can't linger in grief, Alexer. We still have to capture Madeline."

Prince Felix P.O.V

The wind began to pick up its speed as we approach a makeshift platform hidden in the alley of the wasteland. I wasn't sure how this place went under the radar but I had a feeling that it was, frankly, ignored. Kai called me once he landed at the rehabilitation centre. He informed me of Hoya's sighting with Madeline near this alley. At first, he was sceptical about the sighting as it seems out of character for Madeline to be in the open plain like this. 

But with little clues about his hiding place, I was left with no choice but to take my team to investigate it.

We moved through the alley with ease, a sign that either the place is abandoned or we are walking right into a trap. 

"I couldn't see anything from the drone. Prince Felix, are you sure this is the place?"  Jo asked as we approach the entrance of this makeshift mansion.  I don't blame him for his doubts, as I too am beginning to doubt myself. Though the house is makeshift, it is large in size.

"Jo, Mark and Juri. Stay and guard the entrance. Sorine, Matthew and Kenti check the front. Ander and Mortel come with me to the back" I ordered. 

We creep through the front door, well it appeared to be the front door. The holes through the rusted corrugated roof provided us with some lighting. The sand rose up with our footsteps as we make our way through the house. 

"Just letting you know that I don't have life insurance, Felix," Mortel said abruptly. It was her attempt to lighten the mood. 

"I'm sure my brother must have made one for you some time ago," I joked as I lead them through the back. Someone tried to decorate the house with some painting that hung lifelessly on the cardboard wall.

"I thought Hoya was a millionaire. Why in the hell would he be hiding in places like this?" Ander curiously mumbled. Unable to answer his question, I continue to keep moving through what seems like an endless hall.

Suddenly, a loud bang erupted from behind me. Shards of broken woods flung aimlessly with the blast.  The unexpected explosion flung me to the walls.

I can feel a cold stream of liquid gliding down my forehead. Through my blurry vision, I saw my teammates laying throughout the wreckage. 

And then I saw her.

"Hello Felix Menteur, it's been a long time," she laughed as she approached me with her head held high.



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