The Realm

"So, Felix and Kai... what would it be? The girl," Madeline paused and pick me up by my hair.
"Or the crown?"
A psychopathic supernatural had crossed the Realm; endangering the lives of the hunters and human. Prince Felix recruits Alexer in the hope of keeping her safe. Kai, the leader of the army find it hard to get along with his newest team member, Alexer. When their lives intervene, what will Felix and Kai choose?


5. Do you remember?

There was a collective gasp from around the room. I looked over at Mortel. She maintained her poker face and relaxed posture. Prince Felix then continued. 

"Madeline had already slaughtered several of the system's members. I'm pretty sure you guys remember the execution night of Madeline? Those of you who were involved should be caution from this day onwards. Which is pretty much most of you,"  He paused and looked around the room. 

"So we either killed by Madeline or the King?"  a Realm Regulation member asked.

"Hence the reason I am offering you all an alternation.  This mission that is.  It's simple really.  Rid all those who were connected to Madeline in any possible way.Capture Madeline, force her to reverse the damage to the realm and we are all saved. Question?" There was a moment of stillness as the hunters absorbed the given information. Simple? If it was that simple, it would have been done ages ago.

"What about the system? Where are they in all of this?"  Prince sighed at the question asked by a Royal Guard member.

"A few are currently filtering every surveillance device in the whole land for a coin size evidence of Madeline.  They know they are safe from Madeline and the king. The rest are in hiding, in fear of her." After that question, no one said anything. Just like the academy, the people in this room were already in their own individual groups in accordance with the mission.  When Prince Felix handed each group leaders their task I came to realized what Kai's group responsibility was. 

"We should start with Hoya. He was the main person who orchestrated her escape." We were the assassins hunters.

Happening parallel to the meeting...

As the lustrous sun crept up from the still horizon, it's ray glisten against the broken metal shields that were left shattered on the gravel road. The wasteland on either side of the road seemed to stretch for eternity. Amongst the debris, a man tenderly shook his fellow teen friend. Both drenched in last night blood, sweat and tears. The intimate sound of a handgun firing in the distant brought him back to reality.

"Come on, wake up you idiot!" Panic filled his eyes as the sound began to crawl closer. His hand, trembling, shook his friends who failed to give any sign of life. As his need for survival overthrown his sympathy of his friend,  he promptly stood up and ran towards the Realm Patrolling station. The grinding of his bare foot against the hot heat of the gravel ground was only bearable only in this situation. Carelessly the wind began to pick up its speed, causing swirls of sand to clouded his view.

"Help! Please! Anybody!" His body was barely co-ordinating and his vision was rigorously blurred by tears.  Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder.  The pain was excruciating.  Instantly, he pulled the object out of his skin. The needle wand engulfed the blood into itself rather quickly.  In shock, he dropped the wand on to the ground and stopped in his track.

 It's too late.

"Hello, friend!"  Madeline shouted and sped up to him.   Now that she is in front of him, he knew he fucked up... big time.

"Do you remember that night you made a deal with Peter Kim?" Sensing the anger in her words, he immediately knelt down... surrendering himself in the hope of mercy.

"Spare my life. Please, Madeline. I have a family now. I need to look after them," he whispered through tears. This had only anger Madeline even more. The wand reattached itself to her hand. She stabbed him once in the stomach before pulling the gun out and aim it at his head. He cried out in pain.

"That night I pleaded the way you did. DID YOU SPARE MINE?" Twisting the wand out of his stomach, she pushed him to the ground while keeping her aim on his forehead. His breath became more abrupt as the memories came flooding back. 

"Please, Please stop!" He screamed in agony as blood oozed out of his body. 

"You shove me into the casket and light it on fire. You and the rest of the system turned a blind eye on me.  Do you remember that?" She took a step back, letting her self to observed the monster before her. Positioning her gun in a firing stance, she whispered,

"Say hi to Peter and his bitch for me,"



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