Shadow Darker Then Your Soul



1. Shadow Darker Than Your Soul


Never thought it would end like this

You would go behind other without a care

But as I met someone special today

It turned everything  different  by the way

Things are changing within me and

           Around me

Which makes me think in a different way

You might faint with the name so I called

Someone will feel a great pain.

He was very near to whom you go after

Leaving me in the bay of death.

And finding your own way to mate her

I think its the time for you to know

That She is betraying you like a wealth

Which will definitely cause you ill health

Like always I told you

no one better on the earth matter about you

But you think I am freak

Now its time to payback your unpaid bills

Which was created in your own fake mills

  And so let us start with my deadly revenge

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