Travelling A novel

Caroline Fletcher is a sixteen year old hiker who goes to Marshall Island, near New York, where she explores the country side. But, as she does so, she meets a group of teenagers who are eager to have fun...unaware of the dangers that lurk there.


2. The Second Day at Marshall Islands

Tuesday, November 13, 2017; 8:00 AM.


​awoke after a wonderful sleep. 

The bright sun hit my face. Simon, Gina, and Roger, were scanning the forest for elks. I yawned. By 8:05 AM, I headed towards Schofield's Falls. I had a quick swim. Afterwards, I got dressed in a blue T-shirt, red shorts, black socks, and black shoes on my feet. I also was wearing my watch. Suddenly, I walked to the ​Marshall Islands Café; I saw everyone eating hamburgers, fried eggs, bacon, and cheese sandwiches, and coffee. We were enjoying our breakfast when Roger said: "The Marshall Islands is dangerous for travellers. Today we're hunting elks. The other animals won't be harmed". I gasped in surprise, as I paid Gina ten dollars for a hamburger, and small coffee; I was about to say something when three elks were walking towards us. They destroyed two tables. Once they toppled over, we all fled towards the cabins where we felt safe from the deadly animals.


There was a sense of dread that came over me. The Marshall Islands was more than dangerous animals roaming around the forest; the Islands were full of other, frightening, things that wasn't seen by other human beings. I grabbed my I-pad, and wrote down in my journal what I was seeing. "Entry 2: The source of terror that I felt before was the beginning of the nightmare; the terror was inside me. The natural environment created a false serenity; the false hope of Mankind became a perfect reason for me...and the fellow have a scientific reason to succeed in our mission that is yet to be fulfilled. End of report".


By eleven o'clock AM, the elks walked away. "Thank God!", I said. Simon shook his head. He was watching Gina; he was thinking of her, as Roger came towards me. "They're gone! We're safe!". I saved my writing on my I-pad; I was relieved once the threat ended. "I'm going to the forest". Roger nodded. He hugged me. And, seconds later, I placed my I-pad in my right hand, and walked out of the front door. Then I headed outside. I headed to the forest; I headed towards the place where I felt stronger than before. Before I could do anything, I saw a man holding a rifle in his right hand. He grinned at me. And I screamed as he knocked my out with his weapon.


I felt a small bump on my forehead. I opened my eyes. Rope was covering my small hands. "Take it off me!", I demanded; I saw that the man was grinning. "I'm Pedro Alvarez", he said in broken English. I didn't know that there was other people at Marshall Islands; I hoped that there was something untoward happening here. I saw he was using my I-pad to scan the Islands. "Give that back to me", I yelled. Pedro smirked. "There's a lot of travellers who come here for profit...and get rich because of the gold that's here. But, sadly, there's a lot of people who won't be around here by tomorrow night. If you behave, I'll get rid of the rope. Now, what's your name, girl?", he asked me. "Caroline", I answered him. "Ah, a young scientist. There used to be scientists here up until January of 2012; there used to be scientists who decided to be too greedy. I am the President of the Marshall Islands. Now, Caroline, will you stay here and behave?", Pedro asked me. "Yes", I answered. And he smiled. He removed my rope, and gave me back my I-pad. "You can go to the cabins". And, as I walked away, I wiped away tears from my eyes.

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