Travelling A novel

Caroline Fletcher is a sixteen year old hiker who goes to Marshall Island, near New York, where she explores the country side. But, as she does so, she meets a group of teenagers who are eager to have fun...unaware of the dangers that lurk there.


1. The First Day at Marshall Islands


​Marshall Islands-Monday, November 12, 2017; 8:00 AM.

​I was travelling to the majestic Marshall Islands, forty miles from Ellis Island, by myself. Mom and Dad paid for me to go there. They wanted me to be independent; they were eager to see their daughter thrive in an alien environment; they knew I was alone, as I headed down the rocky pathway towards the log cabins. I smiled at them. Then, after both of them walked towards their 2008 brown 4X4 Jeep, and left me, I knew what it meant to survive in the wild; I was about to seek out the dangers that lurked in Mankind's soul...and for me...I was going to believe that something terrifying would touch me, and shatter my perfect dream.


I agreed to deal with Professor Carsen Marshall's sanctuary because I loved nature. He was fifty years' old. And had lived there for thirty-five years' as a recluse. I had seen the research papers he wrote for Nature Online Magazine​ from nineteen ninety-nine; I had decided to be a nature scientist. And Mom knew that it was a job of a lifetime. I was a young journalist for the Ellis Island Gazette​ from 2009-2014; I was eager to show my talent for writing. Suddenly I heard the sound of birds  chirping in the green trees. I saw several teenagers gazing at the ancient woods. They smiled at me.

"Hello. Who are you? I'm Simon Greaves", he asked me.

"Caroline Fletcher. I'm a nature writer who is travelling to Marshall Islands because of its serenity", I answered him; I looked at him with a pained look on my tired face; I was sure that he'd disagree with my severe opinions of travellers who came here to drain the American economy. At least, in my distorted mind, the idea of something, or someone, or a creature, would attack us. It proved unwelcome to be sure. By 8:21 AM, (almost half an hour later), I wanted to deal with the black bats who lived in the caves. The Marshall Islands didn't have a travel brochure; it was something that the owners forgot to deal with the visitors; it was erased on purpose for an unknown reason; it failed to grip me as a whole, severing the ties that bound us together until the recent talk of large black dogs were known to attack travellers at night time. I ignored Simon's officiousness. He could deal with the travellers himself; he would think that I was an intruder to his schemes. Sadly, for him, I wasn't a girl who travelled a lot. I was too consumed with nature to deal with them. Or preferred to be alone. I had my I-pad with me so I could write my nature journals. And, after I dwelt with the news that something​ horrifying was inside Marshall Islands, I closed my hazel eyes...and dreamed of gold that was within my grasp in the dark, deep, forest.


The fact was I was consumed by gold. The precious metal was, like in the 19th century, a powerful draw for travellers who wanted to be famous...and be instant a hurry. I glanced at some squirrels. They were considered a wonderful animal; they were battering their tails, as they passed me in the woods. I saw Simon and his friends were collecting information on their laptops; I wrote my own report on my computer. I had enough Internet feed to go all day, (and part of the evening), writing until I was tired. I saw the Ladies' Restroom. After I washed my hands, I knew that I was thinking of going downward towards Schofield's Falls where I listened to the gushing of clear blue water which crashed along the sharp rocks, (like it was something that created mayhem for travellers); I was certain that I was seeing moose wandering across from the falls. They were watching us, as if creating a sense of doom for us; or they were going to attack us for interfering in their lunch time. I was too busy to look at my watch; I saw it was 11:48 AM. Twelve minutes to Midday. I was ​hungry. I walked towards the Marshall Islands Café​; I saw no one was there. Suddenly, and unfortunately for me, I saw ten moose were eating tattered hamburgers left by diners. I shook my head. "They will eat anything​", Simon told me. I didn't care about him; I cared about feeding my hungry stomach. "What happened?", I asked him. He was smiling. "Nature happened. Bad nature", he answered me. And I shook my head. "Where can we go?​", I asked him in a frustrated voice. Simon laughed. "Go; go! Maybe there's the woods where we can have a barbeque", he answered. I nodded. Suddenly I saw a girl kissing him. "I'm Gina Rhodes. I'm the Area Manager on the travelling tour". She smiled at me. I was concerned that she'd be having a voracious appetite; I was proved right. She glanced at me like I smelled bad; I wasn't concerned about her, nor him. Nor the small group who were living at Marshall Islands overnight. I shook my head. "Let's have the barbeque", I told him.

And Simon smiled at me.


Darkness came to Marshall Islands. I yawned, as I saw Simon, and Gina, (and the other scientists), eating dinner...leaving me to dine by myself. By 9:00 PM, the temperature dropped from 89 degrees to 64 degrees overnight; by 10:00 PM, (one hour later), I saw a boy was using his travel app on his I-phone. "Hello. I'm Caroline", I said. He stopped staring at the glass screen. "Oh, hi! I'm Roger Young. Are you here to explore the Marshall Islands? I'm live in Ellis Island; I came here for a week's vacation". He had short, black hair, brown eyes, and average height; he wore a red shirt, black jeans, a snake skin belt, black socks, and black shoes on his feet. "How old are you?", I asked him. "Seventeen. I'm going to be a nature scientist", Roger answered me. I nodded. We walked towards the trees. Suddenly we saw the tents. No one was in there. I frowned. "Maybe they left early", I suggested. Roger shook his head. "Avery Thomas was inside a week ago. He vanished a day after he came to the Marshall Islands. No one knows where he is". I frowned. I'd heard about him...briefly. "Avery was travelling alone to explore the wildlife here by himself. He wasn't prepared for nature to run riot". Roger nodded. "Yes, he was ​warned; he didn't listen to the Marshall Island Authority Board. His parents are beside themselves". I used my I-pad to write an entry before I went to bed. 


"​Entry 1: I was at the Marshall Islands for hours. The serene forest was full of animals. I looked at them with wonder; I was thinking that the Island wasn't full of travellers searching for gold like in the old days; I knew there was more to the Island's mysterious secrecy which chilled my blood. In short, I looked at the gravelly path that led to the passage that led somewhere I don't know where; I walked with the other young scientists towards the barbeque area, (three or four hours' ago); I was considering about the nature of Man, (and animals). The wildlife wouldn't scare us...yet. In the scheme of things, I wanted to collect as much information on the boars, elks, moose, and other creatures in the Marshall Islands; I was thinking that, by the end of my first report, that the night sounds wouldn't disrupt I slept in one of the cabins. End of the report".


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