" You keep saying you're alright but your fake smile is showing everything."
" And ?"
"I see it okay! Everything you're hiding. So please , god dammit just be honest with me."
Silence fell between the both of them.

She was lost, broken and Fragile. Everything she did had a purpose and everyone she talked to was a kind soul. She would only surrounded herself with truthfully good people but they were hard to find. She was misunderstood in so many ways , even her best friends couldn't break her walls. Scar was barely hanging on

Parker is a star class athlete with parents that adore him and an endless amount of friends , he's gotten everything he's ever wanted but maybe having it all isn't what it seems to be.

Sometimes theres meant to be a light in the dark . Will that light be a flicker of hope ? Or will everything fall apart in the end?
© Chelsea Richardson
Dedicated to Parker :2016 December25 Rest easy

4. 4



As Scar showered I looked through my closet for anything that could possibly fit her. She was a smaller girl so my clothes would be pretty large on her. I found a large shirt that futured a pug wearing the greatest pair of sunglasses on it. This one was one of my favourites , my dad gave it to me when I graduated. I put the shirt on my bed for her with a pair of the smallest sweatpants I found. I took my soaking jeans off and replaced them with my nike sweatpants. Sitting on my bed I peeled off my shirt, throwing it on the ground. I let out a sigh as I relaxed my shoulders

" Oh my gosh, sorry I didn't know you were going to be in here. Um I'll just.."

   I looked over my shoulder to see Scar wrapped in a towel. Her long hair fell over her shoulders, this was the first time I've ever seen it down.The water droplets that were left on her body looked like art work , the light in my room shined to show the yellows in her brown eyes.

" Parker your back. Are you okay?"

I clued back into what she was talking about and looked away. My back was covered in bruises and scars. No one ever saw it and I was always careful in the locker room so no one would ask questions like now. I was trying to find the words to say to her when I felt a hand placed on my back. I couldn't look over to her but I wanted too.

"It's okay Parker. All I need to ask you is are you ok?."

" Yeah, I will be. Thanks."

​She grabbed the shirt I was about to put on from my bed and handed it to me. As I pulled the shirt over my head I noticed her looking at my back but then glanced away and turned away. 

" Sorry I should've knocked instead of just walking in on you."

" It's okay. I got some clothes for you though. Here is one of the greatest Pug shirts you will ever see and the smallest sweat pants I own. Sorry if the clothes are too big. I don't own clothes for short people."

" Short people! you take that back . 

" Never."

" I'll get you for that."

" Alright Scar. I'll let you change, I'll just be downstairs in the kitchen."


In the kitchen Mom stood talking to Sandra over a pot of tea.

" Finally Parker, come over tell me about the girl."

" First off we are just friends , second her names Scar. Working on a school project today."

" Watch your attitude Parker. Well Scar can join us for dinner tonight."

" Thats her choice. Will step father be at dinner?"

" Your father Parker, and no not tonight."

" He's not my father, never will be."

"Parker you need to understand.."

" Yeah , yeah. I'm going to go check on Scar."

I left the both of them standing there. I headed to the stairs but Scar was standing at the bottom.

The clothes were huge on her but they looked great because they were my clothes.

" Haha yeah the clothes are a little big. I look like a hobo."

" But a good looking hobo. Also my mom invited you to stay for dinner , so you're more then welcome. We should also start on that project. "

" Oh wow , yeah sure."

" We can grab some tea, and then back up to my room." 

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