" You keep saying you're alright but your fake smile is showing everything."
" And ?"
"I see it okay! Everything you're hiding. So please , god dammit just be honest with me."
Silence fell between the both of them.

She was lost, broken and Fragile. Everything she did had a purpose and everyone she talked to was a kind soul. She would only surrounded herself with truthfully good people but they were hard to find. She was misunderstood in so many ways , even her best friends couldn't break her walls. Scar was barely hanging on

Parker is a star class athlete with parents that adore him and an endless amount of friends , he's gotten everything he's ever wanted but maybe having it all isn't what it seems to be.

Sometimes theres meant to be a light in the dark . Will that light be a flicker of hope ? Or will everything fall apart in the end?
© Chelsea Richardson
Dedicated to Parker :2016 December25 Rest easy

3. 3.



I stood in the pouring rain at 5:45. I should've known it was to good to be true. I thought if I waited 5 more minutes he would show but that 5 minutes turned into 15 . Here I was soaking wet regretting my decision. By now the parking lot was almost empty because of after hours. I started my walk home hoping the rain would let up. What a day to forget my umbrella. The further I walked the rain came down harder. The rain was one thing but the wind was another. I pulled my jacket closer to myself as a car came up beside me.

" Scar what are you doing ?"

Parker yelled out his passenger window, the rain making this yell almost silent  

" What does it look like I'm doing? I'm walking home."

Parker stopped the car, making me stop in my tracks.

"Get in, We have to work on that project."

"Yeah right, just leave me alone."

I started walking again to hear a car door slam. Parker grabbed my shoulder turning me around. 

" Scar you're drenched from the rain and sorry I was late I got caught up with practice. Took a long shower after."

I stared at him as he spoke. His eyes. The first time I met him thats what I focused on the most. To look into another persons eyes and find yourself so completely lost in another world, it's strange. 

" Scar?"

" Um yeah, sorry. What did you say?"

" Come one let's go work on that project." 

I found myself following Parker to his car to get in and with that we were headed to his house. 

Through the thick rain we past house after house. I noticed the houses were fairly large. Nothing like the neighbourhood I lived in. We pulled up to to a gated mansion and as the the gates pulled away we were lead to a beautiful white three story house. Parker pulled into the garage.

" So this is your house ?"

" Actually it's my parents place. I just live here."

I followed Parker into his house to be star struck when we turned the corner. 

From the entrance we stood at a chandelier hung from the ceiling in the middle of the grand entrance. Everything looked so fragile .If you would touch anything it would break.

" Oh my goodness.What happened to you too ?!"

Parker and I both looked to the stairs to see a woman. She looked to be in her mid thirties. Her hair hung to her shoulders and from where I was standing I could tell Parker got his eyes from her. She rushed down the stairs.

" Parker what have you gotten yourself into? Sandra bring two towels in here please!."

She looked over to me, she did a one over with her eyes.

"And who may you be ?"

" Mom, This is Scar. Scar this is my mom."     

 A woman came running into the room with two towels handing one to Parker and myself.

" What were you two doing?"

" We got caught in the rain out there."

" You two are soaked. Get a change of clothes up stairs for the both of you. Also Scar if you would like to shower go a head. Parker will show you. Sandra some tea would be nice for them."

Sandra left back to the kitchen I assumed.

" Just this way Scar."

I followed Parker up the Stairs.

" So you said this was your parents place, does that mean you have your own place too?"

" Yeah I do, it's not as close as my parents to the school though.Did you want to have a shower?"

" Um I, sure. If you don't mind?"

" No it's fine haha, bathrooms right there. Towels are under the sink.I'll find some clothes for you and leave them on my bed. My room is just down the hallway all the way to the end on the left side."

" Thanks."

I walked in shutting the door behind me. The bathroom was four times the size of mine with a lay down tub and a rainforest shower. I locked the door and grabbed a towel. This has got to be the weirdest thing I've ever done. Just meeting Parker was one thing but now I'm showering in his house . oh boy  

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