" You keep saying you're alright but your fake smile is showing everything."
" And ?"
"I see it okay! Everything you're hiding. So please , god dammit just be honest with me."
Silence fell between the both of them.

She was lost, broken and Fragile. Everything she did had a purpose and everyone she talked to was a kind soul. She would only surrounded herself with truthfully good people but they were hard to find. She was misunderstood in so many ways , even her best friends couldn't break her walls. Scar was barely hanging on

Parker is a star class athlete with parents that adore him and an endless amount of friends , he's gotten everything he's ever wanted but maybe having it all isn't what it seems to be.

Sometimes theres meant to be a light in the dark . Will that light be a flicker of hope ? Or will everything fall apart in the end?
© Chelsea Richardson
Dedicated to Parker :2016 December25 Rest easy

2. 2



I sat in class listening to the professor go on about our new project he just assigned. Class just started. The door opened and in walked a rushed Scar. I don't think she noticed I was in her last class everyday. The whole semester I had journalism with her. She apologized to the professor and quickly took a seat two rows to the left of me. She seemed tired, the dark circles that showed under eyes said so. 

" Now class I want you to be able to express yourself in every way possible with this next project. Don't be afraid to push the limits. Express what you know. You and your partner will get to know each other well. Maybe you're strangers now but that will change. Dig deep with this project. You'll be writing on how you see the other person, what your opinion is on them. Tell a story of their life. For this assignment you will have two weeks tops. Challenge yourselves, partner up with someone you don't know. The limits are endless for this." 

He then went on with his speech leading me to zone out like everyone else in the room. The girl next to me was looking up shoes on her lap top and the boy on my left was fast asleep. I feel you man. I looked over to Scar to see her writing notes . At least someone was paying attention. 

When the bell finally went I rushed down the stairs going out the doorway, making sure I wouldn't miss her. She turned out the door going down the hallway.


She turned around with a shocked look. 

" Oh Hi , umm.."

" It's Parker."

" Right Parker, uh hi?"

" So I'll cut to the case quickly here I have to get to practice soon. You , me class project for journalism. Let's be partners . Meet at the student parking lot around 5:30."

With that I left her in a confused state walking down the hallway. Hopefully I would see her there

" Hey Parker,wait up man."

Grayson came running around the corner. 

" Who was the girl you were talking to?"

" No one, don't worry about it."

"Mhmm whatever you say, ready for training?"

" God no, coach has been on my back since last game."

" Well he's going to be tough on his star player."

" I'm not the star player."

" Fine. Star Quarterback."

" I'm not a star anything, I'm just a team player like everyone else."

" Whatever you say man."


I felt the sweat drip down my neck. My breathing was shaky. Practice was so dreadful today. We we're non stop running laps. Coach was mad about our performance last Monday. Most of this was on me because I couldn't throw the ball last game. We came to a stop as coach called us in.

" Now ladies hit the showers you smell of desperation. Parker a word ."

Everyone left to the dressing room as I stood beside coach waiting for the worst. 

" Kid what happened ? Off game Monday or what?

" Yeah I know, I pretty much blew the game for us." 

" Head and heart wasn't in it hey."

"To be honest coach I'm not sure what I was doing. Off day."

"Well next game you better be all there else you'll be seeing more of the bench."

" Yes coach."

I walked into the locker room dreading what he said. 

" So how bad was it?"

Grayson was the last one in the locker room about to leave.

" Not as bad as I thought it would be."

" Well that's good to hear right? better then usual. Just show em what you got next game."

" Easier said then done."

With that I walked over to the showers to be alone. Just me and my thoughts.  



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