" You keep saying you're alright but your fake smile is showing everything."
" And ?"
"I see it okay! Everything you're hiding. So please , god dammit just be honest with me."
Silence fell between the both of them.

She was lost, broken and Fragile. Everything she did had a purpose and everyone she talked to was a kind soul. She would only surrounded herself with truthfully good people but they were hard to find. She was misunderstood in so many ways , even her best friends couldn't break her walls. Scar was barely hanging on

Parker is a star class athlete with parents that adore him and an endless amount of friends , he's gotten everything he's ever wanted but maybe having it all isn't what it seems to be.

Sometimes theres meant to be a light in the dark . Will that light be a flicker of hope ? Or will everything fall apart in the end?
© Chelsea Richardson
Dedicated to Parker :2016 December25 Rest easy

1. 1

She sat at a coffee shop on main street writing pages on pages but it all meant nothing to her. The words were daft and boring. Her writing was going no where. The atmosphere was calm and soft. The music and lighting gave the shop a cool vibe. Others sat with each other talking and drinking while she sat alone thinking about bittersweet nothings.

"Hot Chocolate for Scar."

The tall boy behind the counter called out her name but she ignored him, knowing she didn't order another drink. Assuming it wasn't for her she went back to her paper hoping a light bulb would go off. 

" Scar right? Hot chocolate."

The boy stood next to her table in all his glory .Scar was always observant when it came to people . He was tall and built with slight muscle . His eyes were the brightest blue and his hair was raven black. He seemed odd but in the good way.

" I think you have the wrong person."

"You're Scar right?, you've been here for quit a while now . You deserve a little break from thinking and writing."

He placed the drink down and went to walk away 

" This ones on me ." 

All though the boys actions were kind,she was very curious to why he of all people would give her a free drink .

The night went on and no progress came to Scar's paper.She glanced up to realize she was the last one left in the shop . The boy stood behind the till counting the money. 

" You've been here all night you know."

" So I have , is there something wrong with that?"

"No nothing at all, but you must have one hell of a paper from being here this long."

Scar looked down to see a mess of pages but it was all dreadful writing.    

" Sure you could say that."

" What were you writing about?"

" To tell you the truth stranger, nothing. I was supposed to be writing about how another human being can affect ones emotions and ways of life ,to their everyday thoughts and feelings. Everything here though is terrible. I don't even know what I was writing at times. "

"Parker, the names Parker. That can be a touchy topic, is it for a collage paper?"

"You nailed that."

"So a collage student, where do you go to school ?"

​" I don't think I should be sharing personal details with a stranger."

" But you know my name now. Were practically best friends ."

" I don't know what world you're living in but that's not how things work for me."

" Well how do things work for you then? Do I have to get down on one knee and propose my new friendship to you. Because I will, I'll do that right now."

" It's okay pretty Boy, I'm sure you already got plenty of friends." 

" What makes you say that?"

" Your confidence, how you put yourself out there. You're a collage student right? star athlete? I'm going to go with a Football player or track star. Everyone loves you, your coaches , your parents , your friends. Please stop me if I'm wrong."

" So you can read people like a book ?  I might be a star athlete but that doesn't mean anything."

Scar started packing up her things as Parker closed the till for the night. As Scar went to walk out Parker spoke up again.

" You think you have me figured out but you don't."

" No I'm just saying it like it is. Sorry I'm blunt that way ,but then again I don't even know you coffee boy."

The bell went off as Scar left into the cold night.   

  "Parker, the names Parker."



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