Secret Ball

The floor was crowded with people. Lights were flashing, my heart was racing. I thought I would never get out. That's when she turned the corner and we locked eyes for a moment. Then just like in a dream she vanished leaving only a Lady Bug mask behind.


16. Super Hero


   I was coming back from breakfast when I noticed a box desk. "Did mom leave this here for me?" I walked over to my desk and opened the box frowning at the earnings. They where very pretty but there was no way I could wear them since my ears weren't pierced. I called out to my mom trying to find out why she would get me earrings know that I couldn't wear them any way. When she didn't respond I decided to go and find her but I was distracted by a glowing red light and forgot all about that. "What is that?" I asked my self as I walked back over to the box to find out what was making that pretty light. Suddenly the light moved again in fact it had a face that smiled at me and gave a small giggled. "Hi it's nice to meet you Marinette my name is Tiki and starting today I'm going to be your qami."  I jumped back in surprise  and fear that there was a floating read lady bug alien in my room. I was more scared that she knew my name though it seemed.


   I cleaned my eyes of dried up tears once I had started to feel better and went to inspect my red swollen cheek. That's when I noticed the box sitting on my bed on the other side of room. Growing more curious by the second I walked over to it carefully. "This wasn't here when I got back earlier...I know that father wouldn't leave me a how could it be from?" I opened the  box and was even more confused when I saw there was sliver ring inside the box. "A ring? What am I supposed to do with this?" I held the small silver ring in my hand confused but not for long when an unfamiliar voice spoke out from behind me. "You wear it on you finger. DUH! Gees are you really that dumb or something? Here I thought you were gonna be smart too cause you were a prince and all." The voice said in an almost mocking tone. The way it seemed to speak to me seemed like that of an old friend.  "Who do you think you are speaking that way to Prince!" I said turning around trying to act as my title would suggest but I couldn't help but lose my self when I saw a glowing black cat that could talk. "The names Plagg and starting today your master. Which also means your the new Chat Noir protector of the city along with your partner Lady Bug."  He gave me the whole run down of it all worked and right away I tried out my new powers. I placed the ring on my finger and yelled out. "Plagg claws out!" Then just as he said I became the super hero form my dreams.


    Tiki explained it all to me so I pierced my ears and said what she told me. "Tiki spots on!" Then in the blink of an eye I was Lady Bug. "Guess it's time to go save Paris." For some reason it felt so familiar like we had meet before in another life.

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