Secret Ball

The floor was crowded with people. Lights were flashing, my heart was racing. I thought I would never get out. That's when she turned the corner and we locked eyes for a moment. Then just like in a dream she vanished leaving only a Lady Bug mask behind.


1. Small Village


    Once Upon a time in a far off land there lived a prince and peasant girl. Neither one had met once before for they lived two separate lives. The Prince lived a very happy life but in return he lost his father at a very young age. The girl lived a hard life barley getting by with enough money to support her family but still she could only see the good in all of those around her. One day the Queen decided to hold a grand ball in which all of the kingdom was invited too royal or not all were welcome. This was also the night the two would meet and fall in love. 

   I cut my mom off giving her a very confused look. "Last time you told me this story the girl was a princess why is she a peasant girl now?" My mom looked at me and smiled as she ruffled my hair up. "I guess you'll just have to let me finish telling the story to find out then won't you?" I smiled widely showing off my missing tooth and cuddled close to my mom as I let her continue the story.

     I closed my eyes letting a tear fall down my cheek before I opened them again looking up at the dark room that was my dads study room. Hanging above his desk was a  portrait of my mom. She died back when I was still young and after her death our family fell apart. All the happiness that once filled the castle seemed to fade away into a meaningless dream. The thought of happy family was now just that of child's fantasy. "You where right after all mom....I did lose dad...but I also lost you...I really miss you mom." I mumbled falling to my knees as I cried my heart out banging my fist against the floor. All the while I couldn't stop thinking about the fairy tail she used to tell so I would fall asleep.

    On the night of the ball all the towns people showed up and among them was the peasant girl. The prince noticed her right away and knew that she was the one he was meant to be with so he set out on to the crowded dance floor in the hope of catching her. he made his way through until finally he was able to grab her hand and get her attention. "May I have this dance My Lady?" He asked Cinderella who smiled and nodded. The prince was over joyed as he walked her to the center of the dance floor. The two danced until the clock strikes 12 and the prince had to leave but she left a slipper behind. The prince searched high and low for her and when he finally found his Cinderella they got married and lived happily together.



   It was just another sunny normal day in the village. How ever today there was a bit of excitement going on. Word had spread that the prince was inviting everyone to his secret ball. Every  one that went to the ball was required to wear a mask to hide there true identity to show that the poor was just a good as the rich. I smiled thinking about Prince Adrien. 'He really is such an amazing prince.' I thought about him until Alyia came over to me and brought me back to earth. "Your going to the ball right Mari?" She asked me smiling and nudging me. "I'm actually not going." I gave her a small smile but she shook her head. "Come on girl! You can't let your chance of getting your happy ending go by with out trying to reach it." Alya smiled and nudged my arm again with a bigger smile. "I hear Prince Adrien is going to be there too." I blushed and looked down to the side biting my lip. "Come on Mari. Please come with me to the ball." I shook my head and tried to walk away. "I'm sorry but you know I can't go to the ball I promised my mom I would help out at the bakery any way."

     Alya was not in the mood for taking no so she dragged me to pick out dresses. "Even if you can't go to the ball doesn't mean we can't make you a princess. Who knows if you get done early  maybe you can still make the ball before it ends!" I tried to fight her but before I could get a word out she all ready had me in a dress and was screaming about how cute I was in it and then after about an hour I had tried on half the store. "Alya I'll tell you what let me go home and get started on my work and if I get done early I'll come and I'll just make my own dress. It's not like any of these really fit me. Your just making me try on the dresses you like." She smiled and nodded. "Okay you got me there but if in the end you still don't come I'm still gonna stop by and tell you all about what you missed out on." I laughed and nodded waving good bye and leaving the dress store.

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