Secret Ball

The floor was crowded with people. Lights were flashing, my heart was racing. I thought I would never get out. That's when she turned the corner and we locked eyes for a moment. Then just like in a dream she vanished leaving only a Lady Bug mask behind.


14. Prince Charming


    I rushed home and snuck inside through the window that I had left through with out a trace. Outside my door I could hear all the workers running around frantically from something big. I quickly jumped into my shower to make it seem like I was in the shower in case they came into my room looking for well I was gone. Well I was in the shower how ever I felt a little light headed almost as if I could I  could see another me.

"Adrien...are you gonna be okay?" Plagg was floating above my face hoping to make eye contact. I glanced at him then shifted my eyes away from and let out a sigh. I couldn't shake what Plagg had told me earlier about how one of us was going to die in this fight. I looked out the window to see Lady Bug jump from room to roof . I forced a smile and stood up clenching my ring in my fist before I put it back on. "I won't let you down Lady Bug." I smiled and looked at Plagg. "Plagg claws out!" I yelled and transformed into Chat Noir. With out a word I jumped out my window to expect my end.

   "Prince Adrien! Where are you!" I changed quickly and walked out into the hall. "What's all the commotion about?" I asked looking around at all the maids. "Your father is looking for you sir!"

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