Secret Ball

The floor was crowded with people. Lights were flashing, my heart was racing. I thought I would never get out. That's when she turned the corner and we locked eyes for a moment. Then just like in a dream she vanished leaving only a Lady Bug mask behind.


17. Preasnt Day Troubles

(Chat Noir)

    "Lady Bug look out!" I yelled shoving her out of the way and covering her head to protect her from out harsh crash landing. "Thanks Chat!" I knew this was going to be the end for one of us and there was nothing I could do to stop it so I tried to focus on the fight ahead. Things weren't going to well for us either. We were both tired and hurt from fighting off or dogging the endless attacks made by Hawk Moth to get our miraculous. The strangest part was that the fight wasn't over yet...Normally lady bug would use her lucky charm and save the day but this was the first time that i didn't work and the fight wasn't done. "So this is what it feels like to be in a video game then and fighting the big boss." I joked getting a look from my lady. I sighed giving up on making the mood brighter and sprung in for a attack from behind but of course he caught me and stopped me before I could make a move. Finally it seemed like it ended and we had saved the day again. Hawk Moth feel to the ground defeated and I turned my back to face Lady bug and smiled at her. "Pound i...." My joy was short lived when she screamed my name and rushed to get in front of me.

   Hawk Moth still had some fight left in him as he turned his staff into a sword and chucked it at me from behind. "Chat!" Lady bug yelled causing me to turn around just in time to see her jump in front of me and get impaled. I watched in horror as she fell to the ground smiling well coughing up blood and looking over at me. I screamed out in horror and ripped the staff out of her hugging her close and trying desperately to stop the bleeding but it was hard to tell where it was coming from. I glared at Hawk Moth but just like my joy it was short lived when I saw the villain who had killed my hero and tried to kill me was no one other then my own father. "How could you!" I screamed out sobbing at Mr.Agrest before turning my attention back to her. I couldn't stop crying as I begged her not to leave me and tried desperately to save her. I'll never forget how even in her last moments alive before death took her away she still kept that happy smile on her face.

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