Secret Ball

The floor was crowded with people. Lights were flashing, my heart was racing. I thought I would never get out. That's when she turned the corner and we locked eyes for a moment. Then just like in a dream she vanished leaving only a Lady Bug mask behind.


4. Night of the Ball


   The next day I did all that needed to be done before I got ready for the ball. "I wonder if that little kitty will be there." I smiled softly at the thought of him. I changed into my dress and then put my mask on and did my hair. I was all ready and getting ready to head out to the ball but my mom stopped me along with my dad and they both had a smile on there faces. I smiled back but was a bit confused as to why they were trying to stop me from going to the ball. "You look beautiful dear." My dad said hugging my moms shoulder the way he normally did when they had something to say or give me. "Awww thank you papa." I said and smiled as my mom looked at him and then nodded and walked to me. "We wanted to give a special charm that has been passed down in our family for generations." She held a box out to me and inside was a sliver lady bug clip. I smiled and picked up with care. "Awww mom, Papa I love it so much!" I said and hugged them both and then left my mom place it in my hair to complete my costume. I thanked them again and and then ran out the door hurrying to get to the ball.


   People had all ready started to arrive at the ball and I was told to stand on the steps of the house and greet the guest as they came on behalf of my father who was once again to  busy to attend his own ball. I watched as different people in a different costumes walked through the ball just kind of hoping I would catch the girl with the blue bell hair again. I was about to give up hope as they started to close the doors but then she appeared all of a sudden and out of the blue she was there. I smiled and watched as she walked to the ball room and onto the floor taking it all in. I smiled and walked into the ball room and hide among st the crowd. I made my way through the people and walked around and stopped behind her tapping her shoulder I smiled. "Well don't you look PAW-satively stunning BugaBoo." I leaned in to kiss her teasingly but she shot me down right away and laughed in a teasing way. "Why hello kitty and what might a stray like you do be doing at a place like this?" I blushed when she smiled and lost my train of thought for a moment. I started to stammer and look for words to say to her but got cut off by a girl who was wearing an orange dress and a fox mask. "Omg girl I love your lady bug dress! It looks so lovely where did you buy it!" The girl started to walk towards us and all of a sudden Lady bug blew me a kiss and winked before diapering into the crowd. When the girl who I will just call Volpina made her way over she was confused and upset. "Where did the girl in the pretty lady bug dress go?" I could tell lady bug didn't want to be scene by Volpina so I lied and told I didn;t see where she went. I was hoping that would be a good enough answer for her and  I would be able to go and find her to know what her real name was at last.

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