Secret Ball

The floor was crowded with people. Lights were flashing, my heart was racing. I thought I would never get out. That's when she turned the corner and we locked eyes for a moment. Then just like in a dream she vanished leaving only a Lady Bug mask behind.


5. Lady Noir


   I smiled at the girl and nodded and then excused my self and ran off to find her. Before I could get away she stopped me and smiled really big. "Omg your Prince Adrien aren't you? Can I get a selfie for my vlog please!" I sighed but nodded taking my mask off  and posed making a peace sign for the selfie. She squiled and thanked me a bunch before going to post it. I ran around looking for her again until I had finally given up and there she was standing before my eyes getting lost in the sky. I smiled and walked over to her even though she didn't notice me. "It's a lovely night isn't it?" She spun around surprised to see me and smiled.


     I just ran when Alya came over. I didn't know where I was going to end up or why I ran from her but in that moment all I could do was run. I sighed and ended up at a balcony and decided that it would be good to get some fresh air for change. I smiled looking up at the sky and watching the stars sparkle in it and smiled. "It's a lovely night isn't it?" A voice said behind me suddenly making me oddly self concussions of what I was doing.  "Oh um yeah It is....don't mind me I was just going to leave." I said laughing slightly nervous when it hit me that I didn't even know who I was talking to. I slowly turned around getting ready to run before they catch me and was meet face to face with Prince Adrien him self. I swallowed hard and cursed my self out silently in my head but just smiled on the outside. I stumbled to do a crusty of sorts and bowed my head. "Oh um hello your majesty?" I said in a questioning voice as I peaked up at him for help but saw that he had a distant look on his face. He looked back at me and then looked back up at the sky. "It must be nice..." He mumbled softly joining me out side with a far off look in his eyes. "What must be nice?" I found my self asking though I knew in my head I should run for being some where that I shouldn't be. "To be able to make so many people happy at once and be apart of something that is so big and yet remain so small to the eye and not have so much to live up too." He then stopped and turned to face me. "You don't have to run away I won't tell on you and please consider me a friend and just call me Adrien." He had a friendly warm feeling much like the one that Chat had given off the first time we meet and then again when I ran into him at the ball. I nodded and smiled. "Okay Adrien well you can call me Lady Bug then." I laughed thinking hiding my name would add to the senescence and maybe lessen the disappointment he would feel when he learned that I was just peasant girl that worked at a bakery.

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