Secret Ball

The floor was crowded with people. Lights were flashing, my heart was racing. I thought I would never get out. That's when she turned the corner and we locked eyes for a moment. Then just like in a dream she vanished leaving only a Lady Bug mask behind.


8. Lady Bug


  I pulled my self together and stood up to head back inside and then later after the party was over go to visit the girl from that day though I wasn't sure how I would find her. When I stopped noticing something shinny in the grass by my feet. I bent down and carefully picked it up smiling at the small sliver Lady bug pin that she had left behind. Now I had two things from both the girls. A red hair ribbon and silver lady bug pin both I was sure of would lead me back to them and hopefully help me sort my feelings for the two. With care I placed the pin in my pocket and went back in to the ball placing my mask back on my face hoping to blend in again. I ran into Prince Nino who decided his costume for the ball would  be a villain and smiled. "So who are you supposed to be again sir?" I asked trying to hold back a laugh with  little luck. "Wicked party man!" He said giving me a high five and ignoring my question. "What's with the cat get up though?" He asked with a laugh that sounded more like a snicker. "I could ask you the same bubble boy." I said with a smirk getting him worked up and me my answer to my question. "I'm the villain the bubbler! Here to bring kids fun in a world with out adults!" He said doing a lame evil laugh that we both laughed at it. "Well I'm afraid that as a super hero I can't let you do that sir! A world with out adults could cat-astropic." I smiled at my cat pun but Nino just shook his head. "The names Chat Noir at your service." I gave him a cheeky smile along with a bow. I had almost forgotten about my plan the girl for a bit until the party cam to an end.

I greeted all the guest again thanking them for coming and then went to my room to change into my other Chat Noir cloths and snuck out into the night walking down the streets or Paris. I didn't know where I was going I was just kind of hoping that I would run into one of the girls again but so far I was having very little luck in finding them any where.

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