Secret Ball

The floor was crowded with people. Lights were flashing, my heart was racing. I thought I would never get out. That's when she turned the corner and we locked eyes for a moment. Then just like in a dream she vanished leaving only a Lady Bug mask behind.


3. Dream


      I walked home and tried ot think of something other than the strange boy I had meet earlier today. On my way home I saw a poster for the ball tomorrow night along with a picture of Prince Adrien. I smiled as I started to think of Prince Adrien and walked into the bakery."Well you sure look happy today Mari."my mom said with a smiled as she baked some cookies. "What are you talking about mom. I'm always happy!" I giggled as my mom gave me a node and chuckled. "So then dear are you going to that ball the Prince the holding tomorrow?" I blushed and looked down. "Don't you and dad need help around the bakery tomorrow?" I asked trying to change the topic but she only smiled. "No your father and I should be fine on own if you want to go to the ball with your friends. I looked shyly to the side checking on the other baked treats. "Even if I did go what would I wear to something as fancy as that?" My mom walked over and brushed my hair away and kissed my cheek.  "I'm sure you can design a lovely dress for the ball Marinette. You are very good at that dear."

     I went to argue with her but stopped when I got the perfect idea for a dress. "You know what your right mom! Thanks so much I love you but I got to get started right away!" I ran up stairs before my mom could say anything else. I ran to my desk and grabbed my book looking at my designs. None of the ones in my book seemed to be right for a ball so I designed a new one. I was struggling with a pattern to put on the dress when  a lady bug flew in through my window and the idea hit me. I made a Chinese style dress with a lady bug pattern on the dress and then I worked on making a mask that would go along with it. "Should I wear my hair down for the dance?" I was asking my self out loud as my mom knocked on my door before walking into my room with a smile along side of my dad. "Your dress looks lovely dear." My dad started to tear up and nodded unable to speak. I laughed and hugged them both. "I'm not getting married dad I'm just going to a dance." He nodded and tried to collect him self well me and mom laughed. Suddenly my mom frowned a bit and looked at my hair. "That's odd I could have sworn you had two ribbons in your hair when you left the house this morning." I gave her a weird look and laughed. "Mom what are you talking about there both right there...." I trailed off when I looked in the mirror and saw that one of my ribbons had fallen out. "I guess it fell out on my way home."


    Just like that she was gone leaving nothing but a single red ribbon to tell me that she was real. "Who are you....Princess?" I asked in a dream like state as I picked up the ribbon and smiled softly. The moment seemed to last forever until the town bell started to ring that it was noon. I bite my lip and freaked out rushing back to the castle. I knew that any moment my father would be coming to check on how my suit was coming along. I raced to the garden and snuck pas the guards climbing the vines on the side of the castle I snuck in through my window of my room and quickly changed back in to my usual clothes. I poked my head out to check for anyone and when I made sure it was safe I raced back to my dressing room where Liyaln went right back to work on my suit just in time for dad to come and check up on me.

    "How is it coming Lilian?" He asked walking past the room almost but then stopping right out side the door way and looking in. He didn't even glance in my direction as he spoke though. "Where almost done Mr.Agrest." She smiled warmly at him but he just gave her a cold node and walked away. I clenched my teeth and held the ribbon tighter in my hand as I tried my very hardest not to scream my head off at him. I could almost feel the urge to scream at him building up in my throat. Lilian touched my shoulder to calm me down and then gave me my ball room costume. "Why don't you try it on and let us see what it looks like." All the other maids in the room nodded and cheered me for to try it on so I did happily. It was a black suit with a green a vest and big gold bell to wear around my neck. Once I cam out in the suit they put clip on cat ears like the one in the room and a black mask to hide my identity. Well that happened Amy another one of the maids put a belt on me but she made it look more like a tail. They all cheered at there hard work and Amy smiled at me. "What are you gonna call your self?" I looked at the red ribbon that was still in my hand and squeezed it again but this time lightly. "I'll call my self Chat Noir."

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