Experiencing The Impossible

Charlie Greenwood, beautiful, smart, and loving seventeen year old girl. Known for being the perfect girl, but with a dark secret. Ever since a tragic car crash that caused her mother's life and the hatred that her father has for her and her brother, she has been living a nightmare her whole life.

But one day, Charlie receives a letter that she will be moving in with her brother all the way in California, never to see her father again. There, she starts a new life that she never thought she could have and people she never thought were real. What will happen when she finds out how being loved actually feels like and when people do care for her?


3. Chapter Two

It was once again that Charlie ran out of the school grounds, tears dripping down her cheeks. She made her way the abandoned alleys and quiet yards of neighboring houses. Charlie tore through the front yard of her house, fumbling around for the key to the front door.

Its jiggling created a series of unbearably high pitched noises, like hundreds of children screaming, almost driving Charlie to the point of insanity. Her head throbbed violently as she fell to the ground.

Charlie slammed the door open. Finley had taken Oakley to the park, so they weren't home. She threw her schoolbag down onto the floors as she ran up the stairs, two at a time, with noises ringing in her ears.

Laughter, crying, screams, giggles, shouts. Rays of the sunset shone through the blinds into the dark room. Charlie took a few deep breaths. Finally, she screamed. She screamed ao the top of her lungs, eyes closed, shutting out the world. She screamed until she couldn't. Letting out all the anger, sadness, hurt in her body. When she could no longer breathe, she stopped. Charlie paused for a moment, bringing herself onto her bed, sobbing.


The cheerleaders laughed as Charlie walked past their table with her tray of food. They were laughing at her lack of social status, laughing at the fact that she had no friends and that she relied on her brother for everything. In class, the teachers told her that she was failing and had no hope for a better future. The tougher girls tried to corner her during gym.
Charlie tried to punch them, in an attempt to escape, but they beat her up.

When Charlie arrived home, she would quietly bring Oakley up to her room and she would shut the door behind her, before their father knew they were home. Her father grabbed her arm and brought her to the living room.

"You're such a skank!" he screamed at her. He slaps her across the face, as she crawls to the corner, cowering and holding back tears. Her father took a swig from the bottle in his hand and grabs her hair, pulling her up to his height. "It's all your fucking fault!" the man yelled, "she's dead because of you!"

Charlie looked to the ground, tears dropping to the wooden floors. "Watch your damn sister, you bitch." he drunkenly stumbled to his bedroom, slamming th door shut. Charlie quietly runs up the stairs, to her little sister.
Oakley looked up to see a huge red mark on Charlie's face. She lowered her head, looking away from the taller female.

"He did it again," Oakley spoke in a quiet murmur. "do you need any help?"

"You don't need to do anything, Oakley. I don't need you getting into any trouble," Charlie replied, walking to her desk to put on foundation to cover up the red mark that was starting to form. "besides, we need to find Finley."


Finley walked down the sidewalks of his small town in Maine. He sighed, watching as young kids played at the park and an older couple having dinner at the diner. He put his hands into his pockets, feeling around carefully.
He sighed and looked around once more before heading back to the house.

Charlie and Oakley were walking along the side of the road, hand in hand trying to find Finley. A ways down the road, stood the dark silhouette of a young man. Charlie watched the figure closely, noticing it was Finley.

She waved him down as he slowly walked towards them. "Who is that?" Oakley murmured, hiding behind her sister for protection, pushing her face into Charlie's shirt. Finley walked closer as he looked down at Oakley. "You don't recognize your own brother?"

Oakley jumped at the sound of her brother's voice, showing a small smile on her face. "Come on. We need to get back." he walked in front of the girls, eyeing Charlie as he continued up the road.


That night was unusually quiet as everyone was sounded asleep, except for one.

Finley looked around his room, grabbing his backpack and packing some clothes. He walked over to his dresser, opening the unused drawer. His slender hands grasped a small photo album, pictures of him and his family during happier times.
He then walked back to his bed, bending down, lifting up the mattress only to find $300.

Finley cursed quietly to himself and put the money into his bag. Swinging it over his shoulder, he turned to look at him room for the last time.

Heading down the stairs to the front door, he was stopped by a shadow. Gulping silently, he reluctantly turned around to meet his captor, only to find Charlie. She gave him a blank expression, handing him over a bag.

"Food." was the only thing she said as she gently grabbed his hand, wrapping the bag around his fingers. Finley looked down, giving her a small smile. "Letter." he replied, grasping her small hand, putting two envelopes. "For you and Oakley, but do not tell her about it until six years from now."

This was the last conversation of the two before Finley left into the night.

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