Experiencing The Impossible

Charlie Greenwood, beautiful, smart, and loving seventeen year old girl. Known for being the perfect girl, but with a dark secret. Ever since a tragic car crash that caused her mother's life and the hatred that her father has for her and her brother, she has been living a nightmare her whole life.

But one day, Charlie receives a letter that she will be moving in with her brother all the way in California, never to see her father again. There, she starts a new life that she never thought she could have and people she never thought were real. What will happen when she finds out how being loved actually feels like and when people do care for her?


4. Chapter Three

I shuffled in my bed as I heard rapid knocking on the bedroom door. "Huh..?" I yelped as there was screaming coming from the stairs.

A tall man was standing in my door way. "Are you Charlie Greenwood?" I froze, studying him. He was tall and lean, with light hair and dark eyes.

I nodded, "who are you?" I rested my upper body on my elbows as the man walked beside my bed. "I'm Max White. I am here to retrieve you and to come with me to see your brother."

My eyes widened as Oakley came running in, jumping onto my bed. "No! We're not going!" she glared up at Max, crossing her arm. "Well Oakley, you have no other choice. Your brother now has legal custody of the both of you. Since you two are still considered minors."

"I'd like to see you try," Oakley grumbled. Max only chuckled, picking her up with ease and putting her over his shoulder, "put me down!"

"No can do." was the only thing said as he left my bedroom.


Oakley and I arrived to the airport, along with Max, sweating and panicking. We were almost late, thanks to Oakley. She denied wanting to see Finley, but she would rather come than stay with dad.

As people pushed us out of there way as they passed, we stood confused. "Hurry up or we'll be late for the flight." Max pushed us ahead to security.

As we passed through and got out things back, we all rushed to Gate 3 as they were already boarding. Oakley paused for a moment, looking at the gate. "I don't know if I can do this..." she whispered, frozen. I looked back, curiosity in my eyes. "this is our only chance to get away from here. He promised us we will be safe and this is the only way."

She breathed in and out, her chest rising up and down. She looked up to me with saddened eyes. "Fine. But it will be a long time before I forgive him." she walked passed me, handing the attendant her ticket.

A sigh escaped my lips as I walked behind her. "Hello ma'am, may I have your ticket?" the young female smiled. I nodded, handing her the ticket. "here you go! Have a nice flight." a few seconds went as I boarded the plane, sitting next to Oakley.

"Are you ready? It's going to be a long flight." she snickered, "no and I didn't particularly enjoy my morning either."

"Forget it. He's only doing what he's told to do- what I'm more concerned about is how Finley could hire someone like Max."


The wheels on the plane skid across the lane as it landed. The plane rumbled as it slowed down from its higher speeds. Oakley jumped as the plane shook, looking around to see what was happening. "We landed." I told her, holding her hand. She let out an audible sigh as she started to pack her belongings.

Everyone rushed to board off the small plane to get to there next destinations. The flight attendants and pilots stood near the front, greeting everyone as they piled off, one by one. "I hope you had a good flight!" an older woman said. I gave a small smile, nodding my head.

Max paused when we grabbed the luggage from the conveyor belt. "There is no need for me now. Go down the escalator and you will see a sign with your names on it. Have a nice day." Max head nodded as he walked into the distance, disappearing with the crowd of people.

"I'm still mad." Oakley murmured as we walked. Down the long escalator and a huge hallway later, there was an older man with a girl holding up a sign. 'Charlie Greenwood and Oakley Greenwood.'

My heart raced when I realized who that was. "Is that...-" Oakley froze, "Finley...yes." I finished, hiding behind the wall. Emotions filled my head as everything felt dizzy. Happiness, sadness, anger, pain. Too much was happening. My hands grabbed pieces of my hair as I tugged on it . I wanted to scream. I needed to scream. "Charlie...?" Oakley kneeled down, grasping my hand in hers.

My thoughts raced back to reality as I jumped. "Let's get this over with." I spoke with no emotion in my voice. Oakley nodded as we walked to him.

"Charlie? Oakley? Is that you guys?" Finley looked up with wide eyes, looking at us. I tugged my hair to the side, nodding my head. "Its been a long time, hasn't it?" my voice quivered as the girl from earlier came running to us.

I looked at my brother in surprise to see him shrug. She had long, bright blond locks and baby blue eyes. "Hi! You must be Charlie!" The girl started, giving me a big hug, "and you must be Oakley!" she did the same to Oakley. "I'm Jada, Finley's girlfriend!"

"What?!" Oakley yelped. Finley and Jada looked to her with surprised faces. "Oakley...calm down." I rested my hands on her shoulders only to have her push me back. "You," she walked up to Finley, poking him in the chest, "you left us and never even tried to contact us! We are here because we learned that we are moving here and next thing that happened, you're with another girl!"

I watched as Finley stepped back with each step, only to have Oakley yelling more and more. "It's all your fault!" I got up, grabbing Oakley from behind. "Enough, Oakley Grace!"

She shoved me off and turned to me. Tears were streaming down her face as she sniffled, trying to hold it back. "he did this to me and he doesn't even care." she wiped her eyes, walking away to the car. "I'll go see if she's okay..." Jada swaddled away.

I turned to Finley only to see pure surprise. I grabbed his hand, him jumping from the contact. "She's been like that since you left. Her heart broke." I look up, Finley being much taller than me. No answer, typical.

"She now has autophobia." I let go of him, "all because she wanted us three together. She needed two role models, not just one. Now she...she hates you Finley." was the last thing I said before heading to the car, opening and slamming the door shut behind me.

Finley stood there alone, thinking about his decisions. "She hates me.."

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