Experiencing The Impossible

Charlie Greenwood, beautiful, smart, and loving seventeen year old girl. Known for being the perfect girl, but with a dark secret. Ever since a tragic car crash that caused her mother's life and the hatred that her father has for her and her brother, she has been living a nightmare her whole life.

But one day, Charlie receives a letter that she will be moving in with her brother all the way in California, never to see her father again. There, she starts a new life that she never thought she could have and people she never thought were real. What will happen when she finds out how being loved actually feels like and when people do care for her?


2. Chapter One

Charlie didn't know that today it would cost her mother's life, and potentially her and her brother and sister's lives. Charlie was on her way to school, her first day in kindergarten with her brother, Finley and baby sister, Oakley.

 It was an early Monday morning and many people were out and about. Charlie's mother was rushing to get her children to school on time and wasn't aware of the red light ahead.

That's when a huge Toyota truck rammed into her passenger's side. Her small car rolled over several times, breaking glass and inflating the safety bags. Her head made contact with the cement ground not a moment later.

It was obvious she had a hard time with facing reality. The moment she got out of the car, she nearly fell to her knees, dizzy. The smell of fuel leaking from the car didn't help the situation much.

That's when reality hit her. She limped over to her children, trying her best to pry open the doors to get them out. That's when everything went black.

The ambulance sirens were heard in the distance as people crowded around the woman and the crashed car. They could hear crying from the back seat as two people rushed over and saw that there were two children. They quickly got to work to get the children out of the back, but were stopped when they saw the ambulance and the fire truck.

Firefighters came to the scene as they quickly went to work. They bring put the jaws of life as they carefully tore the door off the car. First came out Charlie, blood gushing from a long cut on her head and little cuts all along her body. Next came her brother, passed out from the sudden impact of the airbags. His arm bent an abnormal way. Lastly, was baby Oakley. She had a small cut along her cheek and some blood coming from her legs.

Aunt Allie make it to the light where the scene happened, noticing her sister's car and her body laying next to it. Gasping, aunt Allie rushed out of her car.

"That's my sister over there, is she going to be okay?" Aunt Allie's voice was in a panic as an EMT looked down.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but your sister didn't make it. If you would like, you can ride in the back to be with your nieces and nephew."

Aunt Allie reluctantly agreed after a few short moments. She slowly got into the back, looking at her baby sister's body one last time, then turning back to her niece and nephew.

Charlie and Finley were brought to the pediatric ward, aunt Allie trailing closely behind them. Charlie and Finley were separated as aunt Allie went with Finley, him being in a worst condition.

Charlie was brought into a small, white room with a single bed and small TV hanging in the corner. Charlie's eyes scanned her surroundings as she lightly touched her head, flinching and bringing her hand back to her side.

A doctor and nurse came in shortly after Charlie arrived. She looked up at the tall man and then the short woman next to him. The doctor gave a warm smile to Charlie, assuring her she is safe.

"Hello young lady, you must be Charlie." He kneeled down to her bedside and stretched his hand out to her. Charlie looked down and smiled. "I'm Dr. Wood and this is our nurse, Marissa."

Soon stitches were placed in the young girl's head, the doctor and nurse walked away as the father came rushing in. He looked down to his young daughter and for the first time in her life, he gave her a sinister glare.

"Because of you, your mother is dead." he whispered harshly to Charlie and she brought her head down, not know what to do or say to her father.

The father continued to look at his daughter as Charlie didn't look up. There was suddenly a smack that erupted throughout the room. Charlie's eyes went wide as she looked up in shock.

"Learn your place, you little wench."

Her father left without another word as Charlie was left in the room with tears rolling down her puffed out cheeks. Small hiccups erupted from her throat as she stayed quiet.

Charlie kept her head hung low as her brother came in. She looked up at Finley's smiling face, a blue cast on his left arm, a black eye, and a long scratch on his right cheek.

Charlie's eyes went wide as she looked at her brother, thinking about what her father had said. 'This is all your fault!' echoed through her mind.

Finley frowned when he saw his little sister. There was a long, puffy gash running along her forehead. He sat down on the end of the bed, not keeping his gaze off of her.

"We can go home." Finley said, moving closer to his sister. Charlie looked up with teary eyes. Finley widened his eyes, thinking of what could be wrong. "If you're looking for Aunt A or dad, they're with Oakley..."

"Is this my fault...?" she asked in a small, quivering voice. Finley tilted his head and gave her a confused look.

"Of course not." He wrapped his right arm around her small shoulders, pulling her into him. Charlie sighed lightly and leaned into her brother.

Charlie and Finley looked over to their teary-eyed aunt. She gave them a small smile and a hug to both.

"You two be good, alright?" She shivered as her voice trembled.

Finley was the first to walk in, Charlie creeping behind him ever so slowly. Both walked into the center of the room, the door slamming loudly behind them.

Charlie jumped as high as her small legs could go. She turned around to face her father, holding a bottle in his hand and a smug smirk on his face.

"Finley. Room now." He pointed to the stairs. Finley looked between his little sister and his father, fear creeping up his skin. But did as his father did without another word. He grabbed Oakley and brought her to the small bedroom, pulling her close to him.

That night, Finley tried his best not to hear his little sister's crying and muffled screams. Around one in the morning is when all was silent.

Finely heard small, muffled footsteps coming up the stairs as quietly as they could be. A door opened and that was all he could hear. Slowly opening his door, Finley walked out and opened Charlie's door.

"Charlie...?" he whispered. The walked over and saw her face all bruised and cuts all along her arms and legs.

Finley stayed with Charlie that night.

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