Experiencing The Impossible

Charlie Greenwood, beautiful, smart, and loving seventeen year old girl. Known for being the perfect girl, but with a dark secret. Ever since a tragic car crash that caused her mother's life and the hatred that her father has for her and her brother, she has been living a nightmare her whole life.

But one day, Charlie receives a letter that she will be moving in with her brother all the way in California, never to see her father again. There, she starts a new life that she never thought she could have and people she never thought were real. What will happen when she finds out how being loved actually feels like and when people do care for her?


5. Chapter Four

I got inside my Honda. It was from 2009, clean and still working. All was silent when Jada, Oakley, or Charlie weren't saying anything. I drove out of the airport parking lot, on our way to the house.

Eight cars passed by us, putting my signal light to the next exit. I looked into the mirror, looking at Charlie then to Oakley. "How was the flight here?" I asked, looking back to the road. No answer.

I frowned. I felt someone putting their hand on my leg. I looked over to see Jada smiling to me. "Give them time. This is all new still." she whispered. I nodded and looked to the road.

"I know this is still new to you guys...I hope you like the house. Its one of a kind." my eyes trailed back to the mirror.

Oakley's short, curly hair stood out the most on her. Her dark eyes showed lots of emotion. Sadness, grief, and more of all anger. Her shoulders slouched with tension as her arms crossed. Eyes glaring out of the window.

Charlie's eyes stood out the most on her face. A bright hazel with different colors circling them. Her back and shoulders were straight, her hands resting in her lap. Her face showed no emotion as she looked back to me in the mirror.

I jumped, not noticing her from before. "watch the road." Charlie spoke, looking back to the window.


I pulled into the drive way, turning the engine off. No sound came from the back. I turned my head, both girls looking towards me.

Charlie looked to Oakley, as if she was waiting for her to say something. Oakley only grunted and looked back to me, but didn't say anything.

Charlie sighed, "we need to talk." she looked to Jada, "the three of us, alone."

"If you need to speak with me, then we will together as a family." I spoke as I got out of the car. This could be my only chance to show them that I am the one in charge here.

Oakley huffed. "and Charlie said its going to be the three of us. That's final. I don't care what you have to say, Finley." my jaw dropped.

I looked back to Charlie as she looked down. "That's enough, Oakley." her voice came out dark. Nothing like she used to be as a child.

"There is something else you need to know...my little sister is living with us as well..." Jada's voice trailed off. Oakley was about to say something, but Charlie covered her mouth.

"I said enough..." Charlie spoke with no emotion. Oakley stopped, her eyes going big. Charlie looked to Jada. "it will be a pleasure to meet her. May I ask for her name?" she smiled.

Jada looked down. "Her name is Gabrielle...you will be sharing a room with her while Oakley will have her own room..."

Charlie nodded, grabbing Oakley by the wrist and walking away without another word.

Jada let out a deep breath when they were out of our sight. "What was that?"

I spoke under my breath, "her life was harder than mine."


I walked to the wooden door, grasping the knob and opening it. Inside, you walked into the living room with the kitchen on the right.

"Ask Finley where your room is." I looked at Oakley. "I'll find it myself.." she trailed off.

I shrugged, walking up the stairs, two at a time. I trotted along the hallway as I saw a room with a door open.

I peaked my head around the corner of the door, seeing a girl around my age on her a computer. Her legs were swinging back and forth, as she hummed.

I knocked on the door. The female jumped as she swung her head, her hair flying all over the place.

"Are you Gabrielle..?" I murmured. She smiled and nodded. "You must be Charlie. Its so nice to finally meet you! Finley told me so much about you!" she smiled.

My eyes go wide. "H-He has..?"

"Of course I have," I jumped when I heard that voice, "you're my sister after all."

Finley was leaning against the door frame, legs crossed and him smiling. "Can you give us a minute?" he looked to Gabrielle, who only nodded and left.

I looked down, setting my belongings down on the empty bed. Finley sat down next to me. "Charlie...I'm glad that you're here." he looked up, smiling sincerely.

"and you'll never have to worry about dad again."

I shifted my eyes to him. "I'm not how I used to be, Finley. Nor will I ever be. You need to understand this now. I won't be like Oakley where she instantly hates you for what you have done," I paused, breathing in,

"be lucky you brought Max. Because if you didn't, then we would have never come here with you. Remember that."

I stood up and walked away. Finley's eyes trailed behind me as I disappeared down the stairs.

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