Experiencing The Impossible

Charlie Greenwood, beautiful, smart, and loving seventeen year old girl. Known for being the perfect girl, but with a dark secret. Ever since a tragic car crash that caused her mother's life and the hatred that her father has for her and her brother, she has been living a nightmare her whole life.

But one day, Charlie receives a letter that she will be moving in with her brother all the way in California, never to see her father again. There, she starts a new life that she never thought she could have and people she never thought were real. What will happen when she finds out how being loved actually feels like and when people do care for her?


1. A/N

Hello! I hope you enjoy and fair warning, this is one of my first times writing a story.

This will have some triggers, so please, if you are sensitive to any then do not read.

Some of these chapters will be viewed as 3rd POV and others as the characters.

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