The Hidden Ones

The Hidden Ones are known to be very powerful beings who are known to have a destiny. After their destiny is accomplished, they wither away and die. They are known to live normal lives until a certain age in time where their surroundings will start to change around them.

Olly has always been an unusual person. She has never fit into society's expectations and because of that, she has always been alone in her thoughts, thinking that whatever she does is the wrong choice. But what Olly doesn't know, is that there is more to her than anyone could ever imagine.

Ever since Olly was a little girl, she would have dreams and memories that she knew were not normal, but kept them to herself. But those dreams soon turn into a reality.


1. Chapter One

Friday night came quickly. Everyone in the house, which only included my pet, was asleep. Not me, though. Not until three o'clock in the morning when I came to realize I had to meet my brother that same day. But all I could think about that when there were other matters to attend to.  Boxes covered every inch of my small bedroom. More thoughts tried to run through my mind when I finally forced my body to cooperate. I slowly but surely fell asleep. The warm wool blanket covered my body peacefully.  

        She woke in an unknown place. Dark eyes scanned every corner of the room, as she rose from the cold, concrete ground. A gooey substance oozed from her head as she brought her pale hand to her up. Feeling the gush of blood dripping in small droplets on the floor. There were no memories, nothing that could recall of what had happened beforehand.

        A soft sigh escaped her lips as she brought her hand back down and brushed it on her pants. All a sudden, there was a light. A bright light that shone in the distance.

        Olly's eyes widen as her legs started to run as fast as they could to the unknown light.

        It shimmered in the darkness and there next to it, stood a figure.

        Olly stopped as she came to a halt. In the distance, she could see the shadowy figure was a man, only able to see the silhouette of him.

        "Hello?" her voice called aloud as she stayed where she was, being the cautious person she was. In the air, held an eerie silence as she waited for any kind of reply.

        "You are the one." whispered a breathy voice.

        Olly had tilted her head in confusion, wondering all what he could have meant.

        The next thing she knew, the man was right next to her. She jumped but no sound came from her lips as her eyes gazed upon his features more scrupulously.

        Jet black hair as dark as a raven, emerald green eyes that seemed to only shine in the darkness. This strange man had the longest eyelashes she has ever seen with her life. The figure was tall but athletic build and that grin on his face would put any girl in her grave.

        "Who are you?" Olly whispered, memorized by the strange male.

        "But you, my darling should know that answer. For I am only a mere listener." the man chuckled as he turned away from the young girl.

        "For you, know all. But as time went by, you soon started to fall. For you, can not remember a single thing. But as easy as it is, to remember a single name." she stool frozen.

        The man started to fade from her sight, as if he was a mere mirage. "For you, my dear only knows what's best. But please do remember, it is all but a single test." the man, whose name was still a mystery to all, now disappeared in thin air.

        "Wait!" her voice echoed through the void but that single light was still there.

        Olly's lips stretched to a small smile as she saw that her only companion was that little light source. Her legs, as if alive on their own, started to walk towards that little light.

        But like a flash, her surroundings change. Bright stars shone all around her as she saw a comet flying through the air.

        Bringing her head back down, Olly walked up to the little light. A small, old lantern with the small spark of fire sizzling in the night air.

        A small hoot was hear in the distance as Olly's ears perked to hear the strangest sound she has never seen before. Flying high in the sky, her eyes saw a beautiful snowy owl flying lower and lower above her head.

        Bright eyes watched in amazement as it landed on her shoulder, its wide blue eyes staring into her dark ones.

        "Hello little friend." Olly whispered so she wouldn't scare the exotic creature. The owl only tilted its head and hooted.

        She laughed and only smiled at the creature, like it was a human itself. The owl didn't go anywhere as it stayed on the girls shoulders. Olly watched this , "I will name you Amelia."

        In response, the owl gave a loud hoot and moved closer to the crook of Olly's neck.

        She only sighed and laid down on the side of the tree where the lantern was. She rested her head back and closed her tired eyes as a small smile was on her lips. Amelia snuggled close to Olly, both falling into a deep slumber.

        In the distance of a dark field stood that very same man.

        A small sign escaped his lips as he leaned again a tree. His arms were crossed over his chest.

       "If only you knew what was to happen soon..." he whispered.

         I shivered and squirmed as I sat up, moving around the covers to realize that I'm in my own bed. "What happened last night?" I moved my covers from my body as I read the clock. 7:42 A.M. 

        "Shit..." I rushed out of bed, grabbing my clothes. I looked in the mirror, parting my hair in front of my eyes. I squirmed into my jeans and grabbed my jacket. "Be good Bailey!" I yelled at my cat as I ran out the door. "Why do these things always happen to me.."

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