Why Do I Like You? (Masky x Toby)

I guess there is a lot of people ship "Masky x Hoodie or Hoody" well. Today. I'm making a love story about "Masky x Toby". Enjoy!p


1. Toby I Want You!



I was walking down stairs. I walk to Hoodie. We start chatting. Then I saw Jeff gave Toby a waffle. Toby hugged Jeff. I was quite jealous. "TOBY IS MINE" thinking this in my mind.


I kinda like Toby because we grew up together. Every time I'm around  him I just want I want to squish, kiss, hug him even he always annoying.


"Masky! Toby! I got a mission for you two!" Slendy said "well. What about Hoodie?" I asked "Only you two for this mission" said Slendy I was quite happy. Because every time I want to talk to Toby in mission. Hoodie always hold Toby's hand and walk together. 

"What's the mission?" I asked. "All you guys need to do is walking in the woods. And find if there is humans. If there is. Kill them. But if it's like a killer like us, tell it to join us" Slendy said. 

"It's kind like a date, YESSS" thinking this in my mind.





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