Fairy Tail The Lost Art

A Water Dragonslayer Teams up with Fairy Tail to defeat his family who plan to bring back a powerful wizard, who is bent on destroying everything in the world. Even though the Fairy Tail team is powerful, they receive help from an unsuspecting ally.


1. Dragon Expedition

     It's been 3 months since I have ran away. Talk about needing therapy. I fused into the river to get away. They won't find me deep into the shallow excursions of the river. If I had stayed, the world could've been drifted into chaos. I would've been used to destroy the world. A little tool. It's okay now, they weren't my real family anyway. As a Dragon Slayer, my only family was indeed a dragon. Yep, my Dragon Meriel, whose domain is in the great Ocean itself, was my only real family. She taught me everything I know now, like how to survive in many terrains, how to fight, Water Dragon Slayer magic, how to read, write, and cook. Until, she disappeared one day, and left me in the deep, dark ocean, alone.

    I stayed there, sad, and alone, until i drifted to shore, and a family found me, and took me in. There I stayed, until I was 18, until, they tried to use me for plans, plans only I could tell. So, they sought out to kill me one night at dinner, but luckily I escaped, injuring some of their servants, and escaped into a river where I, emotionless laid there, in a river for three months. Until, I woke up in a big, beautiful forest. I was pretty sure there was civilization nearby not aware of my step-family's plan. If I was going to stop them, I needed help. My head was aching, but I knew what I had to do. I got out of the water lazily, and slowly walked toward a big tree, surrounded by a myriad amount of flowers. There I laid, I the flower bed trying to recover some magic power. For what seemed like, 2 hours, I was finally fully rested, and I got up, and started my trek to civilization. The more I walked, the more beautiful the forest looked to me. It was filled with wonder, and magical creatures that seemed to enjoy it as well as me. I kept walking, until it turned into a jog, then into a full burst run, when I kept getting excited over the new smells, I rose to greater speeds. THUD! I ran smack into someone at full speed. My head felt like it was going to split open. As I laid on the ground, I heard voices. "Are you okay? I can heal you!" "Who is that guy?" "Stand back. I sense a tremendous power within him." I stood up with my hand on my aching head. I opened my eyes to see a group of 6. A little girl, two cats, a woman in armor, a lady with large keys on her belt, and some pink haired kid I ran into. Something about the pink haired kid was off though. "Natsu, are you okay?", the lady with the keys said. He's lucky enough not to get a locked jaw. The pink haired kid (who I think is Natsu) replies,"Yeah, just ran into this guy-". When he looked at me in my eyes, he froze. " Are you okay?", the key lady asked. The little girl looked at me in the same manner. 'Wait a minute', I thought, 'These are those two are dragon slayers'. "That's a wonderful way to say hello.", I said. "You're a dragon slayer?", the girl said. I nodded. "Of course he is Wendy", Natsu said, "You couldn't smell him?". She looked downward. "So does that mean he is a 1st Gen Dragon Slayer?", the armor lady asked. "I don't know, I'm going to test him.", Natsu said. He turned to me and got up. "Do you have a dragon?", he asked in a slow, slightly retarded voice. "Well, I can tell you're the dumb one in the group. Of course I have a dragon genius.", I remarked. He scowled at me and his hands extraordinarily burst into flames. "You asking for a fight you don't wanna be picking!", He said inching closer.  I dropped my loose expression. The rest of the group had a worried look on there face. I sighed,"Let's go then.". He smiled then attempted to hit my with his flaming fist. I caught it and threw him into a tree. He jumped back with a flurry of attacks. I dodged and weaved effortlessly through his web of heated fists. The rest served as a wonderful and clever audience by not getting in the way. "FIRE DRAGON IRON FIST", he yelled. His fist slammed into my face as I flew backward a couple of feet. I ran toward him "WATER DRAGON DEEP MIST!", I chanted. My hand reached into the inside of his body, releasing mist causing him to fall back due to a sharp and explosive damage taken. " Are you done yet, because I actually have business to attend to.",  I said. "FIRE DRAGON WING ATTACK!", he screamed. I dodged quickly as he missed and landed into an intended punch to the gut. HE fell hard on the ground. "WATER DRAGON SLAYER SECRET ART: FISHER'S HOOK". A huge, sharp hook came from the river and hit Natsu right in his leg. He hollered in pain. "FIRE DRAGON ROAR!!". His attack hit me square in my chest. Feeling the heat around me, I took advantage. "WATER DRAGON ROAR". I planted my feet firm in the ground now that I had something to slow down the speed I was flying at. A wave of mist formed in the forest. I looked around. Natsu, literally falling out of the sky anticipating a punch, I formed my hand into a warhammer and knocked him clean out. The mist disappeared along with the fire in Natsu's hand. I walked forward to the rest of his group dragging him. I threw him at their feet.       "You should really train that guy.", I said. After that, I found a path to the city at night. and finally completed the first stage of my quest. I walked into an inn. The receptionist was reading a newspaper. "Wow! Fairy Tail is so cool!", he exclaimed almost falling out of his rolling chair. "Who is Fairy Tail?", I asked him. He looked at me in confusion. "Have you not heard of them? They are Magnolia's top guild with 4 dragon slayers in their guild! They saved the world countless times!", he said. "Where can I find them?", I asked. "In the West part of Magnolia!", he said happily. I planned on going to them that night, but I was so tired I almost fell asleep getting the room. Maybe these Fairy Tail weirdos were actually worth something to pay attention to. My step-parents spoke of them often, but never explained in full detail what they were, and what they do. "They are powerful wizards.", they'd always tell me with their fake smiles. Maybe they could change the world for the better. Just Maybe. 

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