My Roommate

You move in your best friend, Georgia, and your new roommate, Justin. What will happen between you and Justin? Will this effect your friendship with Georgia?


6. Spill it

I stand in the kitchen, pouring glasses of orange juice. The sound of popcorn pops in the microwave. I feel arms wrap around my waist from behind and lips press against my neck.

“You were gone forever,” Justin whispers into my ear, “I missed you.”

I spun around slowly and press my lips to his softly and quickly. “I missed you too.”

He smirks and pulls me close, “Who said I was going to let you go?” He kisses me passionately and my hands roam his back. Our kiss deepens and he lifts me up onto the counter. I break free from his lips, feeling a little dizzy. Justin kisses my cheek and then down my neck. I hear the microwave ding and it pulls me back to the present.

“Justin, as much I as am enjoying this, I am really hungry.”

He stops kissing my neck and gently puts me down, “Me too, babe.” While he grabs the popcorn and pours it into a big bowl, I bring the glasses of orange into the living room and set them down on the coffee table. I sit on the sofa and pull a blanket over my legs. Justin sets the popcorn on the table and snuggles close to me.

“I’m excited to see this movie. I hear it’s really good,” he says wrapping his arm around me and I grab a handful of popcorn.

I lay my head on his shoulder, “Me too. I just hope it’s not too scary.”

Justin laughs, “Even if it is, I’m here to protect you.”

I giggle, “Thank goodness. I don’t know how I would survive.”


I feel arms wrapped around me and a body pressed close to mine. I open my eyes slowly and see Justin's face inches from mine. His eyes are closed and his slow breath tickles my face. We must have fallen asleep after the movie was over. I lay there for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth and comfort of his arms.

I slowly move his arms and stand up, careful not to wake him. Justin sighs and rolls over. I stretch and my spine pops. I walk into the kitchen and open the fridge. I pull out eggs and bacon. I set them on the counter, grab a bowl and start whisking eggs. I heat up a pan and slide the bacon into it.

I hear a door close and footsteps coming towards me.

"Hey Nat. Did you have a good night?" Georgia says softly, eyeing Justin on the couch and then looking at me.

I blush and nod, not meeting her eyes. I flip the pieces of bacon.

"Don't do that shy thing with me, Natalie Marie Sullivan." She crosses her arms and I feel her gaze on me. "Spill it."

I sigh and look her in the eye, "Okay, okay. I told him how I felt and he kissed me. And then he said he felt the same way. Then we watched a movie and fell asleep." I shrug. "Nothing major."

She lifts her eyebrow at me, "Nothing major?! Nothing major?!!" Georgia is getting louder and louder. I glance at Justin but he doesn't stir.

I look back at her, "G, shhh. You're going to wake him." I turn towards the stove and put the bacon on a plate. Then I dump out the grease into the sink.

She uncrossed her arms, "Relax, he could sleep through a train coming through the house."

I pour the eggs into the pan and stir them around. I feel her arms wrap around my stomach. "Stop hiding your excitement. I know you are screaming on the inside," Georgia continues. "You have been crushing on him since you first met. You finally told him after six months! And he likes you back!" She starts jumping up and down. I put down the spatula, turn around and join her.

"I can't believe it!" I say, joy in my voice. We both squeal. "Oh, you have to tell me about your date!"

“Okay, but you have to tell me more details about your night later.”

We both turn when we hear a yawn, Justin is stand up and stretching. “What are you two squealing about?” He asks, his voice hoarse.

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