My Roommate

You move in your best friend, Georgia, and your new roommate, Justin. What will happen between you and Justin? Will this effect your friendship with Georgia?


4. Ice Cream

My stomach rumbles and I look at the clock. I’ve been laying here for an hour and I’m not feeling much better. I sigh and stand up, leaving my room in search of something sweet. I open the freezer and smile when I see pistachio ice cream. I grab the container and a spoon and lounge on the couch. I turn on the tv and decide to watch a thriller to get my mind off my situation. I savor each bite of ice cream, enjoying the slight sweetness and crunch.

I hear the front door close and I jump and my ice cream container flies into the air and onto the floor. I turn to see Justin laughing at me.

“It’s just me.” He barely gets out before doubling over, “Your face was priceless!”

I turn away and blush. Why does he always me blush? “That’s not funny!” I saying trying to not to laugh with him.

“Come on, it was.” Justin takes off his jacket and sits next to me.

“Okay, it was a little funny.” I say not holding back my laughter. We laugh together, both holding our stomachs. Once our laughter dies down and I wipe the tears from my eyes, he picks up the ice cream container and sets it on the coffee table.

“I have never heard of pistachio ice cream.” I look at him we share a smile.

“I hadn’t either until a few months ago until I tried on a whim. It’s my favorite. I would share with you, but I ate it all.” I shrug

“That’s okay, you can share next time,” he playfully bumps shoulders with me and I feel warmth linger from his touch.

I ignore it and look down. “Next time,” I agree quietly.

A few seconds of silence go by and Justin leans back on the couch. He puts his feet up and glances at me, “Is everything okay?”

“Oh,” I pause for a second and frown. “I’m fine, just having a bad day.”

“Me too,” he says sadly. I pretend to focus on the movie, but my brain keeps thinking about how close he is.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, glancing at him.

He sighs deeply, “I had to end things with Carly. For real this time.” He crosses his arms. “She didn’t take it well. She kept making a scene in the coffee shop, it was so embarrassing.”

I look back at the tv, hoping he doesn’t see the slight smile on my face. Now is not the time. Get your shit together, I yell at myself. I take a deep breath and say, “That’s not good.”

“Not at all. I’m sure the whole town knows about it now.” He runs a hand across his face. “Oh, well. I’m just glad that I finally realized that she isn’t good for me.”

I nod, not sure what to say.

“Why are you having a bad day?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” I stand up and go into the kitchen, throwing away the empty container and putting the spoon in the sink.

I hear Justin behind me, “Come on, Natalie. I just told you my problem. It’s only fair you tell me yours.” He looks at me and lifts an eyebrow.

“Fine.” I can’t believe I’m going to say this. “My crush doesn’t-” I am interrupted by the front door closing. We both turn towards the noise.

“Hey guys! I have great news!” Georgia says excitedly. A smile is on her face and her eyes are dreamy. Thank goodness.

Justin speaks first, ”What?”

“I am meeting Cameron in a week! He is coming here since he will be on leave!” She screams, jumping up and down. I’m sure the whole state heard.

I smile, “That’s amazing, G.”

She grabs my arm, “Come on, you have to help me plan my outfit!” I glance at Justin and see him frown, while Georgia yanks me into her room.

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