My Roommate

You move in your best friend, Georgia, and your new roommate, Justin. What will happen between you and Justin? Will this effect your friendship with Georgia?


5. Confession

Georgia’s room looks like a tornado went through it and then a hurricane came through too. It was so messy, all her clothes were thrown on the floor and her bed. Her closet and dresser draws were completely bare. And we still hadn’t found an outfit that she loved.

“There’s no use,” she falls back onto her chair, groaning. “I have nothing to wear.”

I cross my arms and lean against the wall. “Well, I guess you are going to have to go naked then.” I say jokingly.

I smile when she laughs, “Oh I’m sure Cameron would looove that.”

“Or we could go shopping,” I say, standing up straight and leaving the room to grab my purse and coat. I already know she will say yes, we have been best friends since we were in fifth grade after all.

Georgia groans again and then yells after me, “Why didn’t I think of that in the first place!?”


I lay on the couch, my fingers twirling my necklace, lost in thought. I really hope that Cameron’s and Georgia’s first date goes well today. We finally found an outfit that she adored, which looked beautiful on her. Cameron is definitely going to have trouble keeping his eyes off of her. Over french toast this morning, Georgia admitted that she didn’t sleep well last night. I knew it was from excitement since she couldn’t stop fidgeting ever since Cameron asked her out. Speaking of dates, I wonder what Justin would plan if we went on a date? I hope it would be a casual coffee date and a walk in the park. Or maybe a movie and dinner? How about stargazing and cuddling? Those are my favorite kinds of dates.

I jump when I hear a voice interrupt my thoughts.

“What are you thinking about?” Justin leans against the wall, munching on cereal.

“Nothing,” I blurt out without thinking. I instantly regret it when his eyebrow goes up.

He steps closer to me and tries to look me in the eye. I avoid his gaze. “Nothing, huh?

“Yep.” Justin sets down his bowl on the coffee table and smirks at me. He quickly steps forward and reaches out his arms. “What are you-” A squeal interrupts my words as fingers tickle my ribs.

“Natalie, tell me what you were thinking about and I will stop.” His fingers continue their assault and my laugh rings out in the house. I try to push him away with my legs but it doesn’t work.

“No way!” I say in between fits of laughter.

“Okay,” he says not letting up. My sides begin to ache and I’m having a hard time catching my breathe.

“F-fine, Justin. You win.” He finally stops tickling me and sits down next to me. His leg is touching mine and I take a shaky breathe. Our eyes meet, I blush and look away. “I was thinking about my dream date,” I say softly.

I quickly glance at him to see his reaction. His eyebrows knit together, confusion on his face. “Why was that so hard to say?” he asks.

My answer comes out as a whisper, “Because I was hoping you would ask me out.” There, I finally said it. I told him my feelings.

I hear a soft gasp and the room goes silent. A few seconds tick by and my mind starts racing. Fuck, I screwed up. I shouldn’t have told him.

I’m about to run to my room and cry when I feel a gentle hand touch my cheek and I freeze. I turn my head towards Justin’s. We stare into each other’s eyes and our faces are inches apart. Our lips slowly meet and the butterflies in my stomach take flight. His lips are soft and sweet. Our kiss is frantic and full of longing. My hands go find his shoulders and slowly travels up into his soft hair. His hand still cups my cheek while his other hand pulls me closer by my waist. I feel warmth erupting throughout my body. I break free from Justin’s lips and take a breathe. His forehead presses against mine and his hazel eyes bore into mine. They are dark with passion.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you ever since I met you,” he whispers.

My heart jumps in my chest and I can’t help but smile. “I felt the same way.” His lips form a smile and press mine against his. This kiss is slower and we keep having to stop because both of us can’t stop grinning.

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