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  • Published: 12 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 12 Nov 2017
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aizawa is trans, so is todoroki, i couldnt figure out how to end this so


1. thanks! i hate it

                "That's all for today. Class dismissed."

                Shouta Aizawa gave a quiet sigh as the kids of Class 1-A got up, some louder than others, to leave the building. He looked down at his podium, idly fixing his stack of assignments, but keeping one eye and ear on the students as they left. Katsuki loudly protested as Eijiro and Denki ushered him out of the room by hand, evidently on their way to a study date. Fumikage, Hanta, Tsuyu, and Kyoka were all surrounding Hitoshi, chattering amongst each other as they left, and that sight left Shouta with a small smile. He was starting to fit in with the class quite well, he thought. The room gradually filtered out the students, clique by clique in this same manner, up until the only ones still packing up were Tenya, Shoto, and Izuku.

                "You two go on ahead," Shoto said, hefting his bag over his shoulder. "I'll catch up outside."

                "Okay, if you're sure," Izuku replied, looking a little concerned. "We're not going anywhere without you, though!"

                "Certainly not!" Tenya piped in, swinging his arm in a wide arc. "We will wait for you at the gate! Take your time, Todoroki-kun!"

                "Thanks. I will," he replied, and the two made their way out of the room. Shoto, meanwhile, took slow, unsure steps toward Shouta's podium, his hands clasped firmly behind him with ramrod-straight posture. Seeing that demeanor on him made something unpleasant and angry curl in Shouta's gut; a memory of over a decade ago and flinching into proper posture whenever an adult came near. "Mr. Aizawa?"

                Shouta gave a slow blink, taking a quick second to collect himself and hoping against hope that his frustration hadn't shown on his face. "What is it."

                "I wanted to ask you a question. But I'm a little worried that it's too personal."

                "If it's too personal, I just won't answer," Shouta replied, shuffling his papers neatly and slipping them onto a shelf in the back of the podium. "Go ahead."

                "Are you…transgender?"

                Shouta almost choked on air. Shoto's eyes widened marginally, likely noticing his teacher's sudden change in mood. He looked almost scared, and again, Shouta hated it; he really needed to talk with Enji next time conferences rolled around. "You're right, that is personal," Shouta said, carefully schooling his tone into neutrality. "Why do you ask?"

                Shoto fidgeted almost imperceptibly, just the slightest shifting of his weight. "Well, I just had a feeling…and I noticed you pulling at something under your uniform a lot. I was thinking it might be a binder?"

                And so, Shouta found himself at an impasse, because, while he didn't want to disclose anything like that to anyone, really, something suddenly clicked into place for him. Shoto's hero name being his name and that alone. The request at the beginning of the year to change for Physical Education in the bathroom instead of the locker room. How he'd carefully covered himself with the tattered remains of his shirt after burning it during the sports festival. Shouta had to be very careful with how he responded here. He didn't want to scare the poor boy out of heroics because of his gender, but… The aforementioned binder under Shouta's uniform suddenly felt tighter than ever and he could scarcely breathe. He didn't want to tell anyone this. No one should know but Shouta himself and the people closest to him. At the same time, though, Shoto, more than anyone in the class, needed to hear some semblance of encouragement. Some acknowledgement that he, Shoto Todoroki, could do this.

                "I don't think that is particularly relevant. It's no business of yours whether I'm cis or not," Shouta said, his tone clipped and begging no room for argument. Shoto's expression fell slightly. "Whether I'm trans has no bearing on anything. I'm a hero, I'm your teacher, and that's what matters. Same goes for students." He fixed Shoto with a meaningful look. "Gender status makes no difference. It's none of my business, either. Just do what's right as a hero in training, and we won't have any problems. Understood?"

                Shoto's eyes lit up slightly with recognition and he gave a quick nod. "Yes, sir."

                Shouta patted his shoulder. "Good. Now catch up with your boyfriends, I have work to do."


                "Whoa, okay, he asked what?"

                Shouta folded his arms tighter over his chest, binder lying discarded on the coffee table next to a handful of magazines. Hizashi was gaping at him openly, glasses accentuating how comically wide his eyes were. The concentric circles in his irises were all the more vivid when he looked shocked like that, and Shouta couldn't help thinking it was a good look for him. "Keep up, Cockatoo. He asked if I was trans."

                "That's so freaking rude!" Hizashi exclaimed, gesturing widely with his free hand, the other occupied with his phone. Shouta leaned over slightly to avoid being slapped. "Who just asks something like that? I thought Todoroki was smarter than that."

                "Hizashi, his psych eval file has him diagnosed with autism and PTSD."

                "You'd think they'd want to know what trauma caused the disorder," Hizashi mumbled, frowning deeply.

                "Asking a sufferer about their trauma is frowned upon, and I don't think the kid goes to therapy," Shouta replied, arms going tighter. This topic was stressing him out, and when he got nervous, the dysphoria intensified tenfold. "I think he's trans too, anyway. I don't blame him. It just…"

                "Scared you?"

                Shouta huffed, rolling his eyes. "No."

                "Yeah, it totally did." Hizashi turned off his phone, placed it on the table, and leaned back onto the couch in their shared apartment. "So. Guess he made the dysphoria really bad today?"

                Shouta leaned into Hizashi's chest, and he gave him a tight squeeze that had Shouta sighing in relief. He'd needed that more than he thought. "…I don't blame him. I really don't. He's a scared, traumatized trans kid doing his damnedest to be a hero despite it all. He was just looking for some encouragement. That's all." Hizashi's hand found his hair, and he carded it through the black mess of tangles, gently easing out the kinks along the way with his fingers. His other hand rested on Shouta's back, fingers splayed out and rubbing calming circles through the soft black fabric of his tracksuit. "Thanks."

                "No problem, baby," Hizashi said, and Shouta sighed at the feeling of Hizashi's chest moving with his words. "Lemme guess, you just got worried you weren't passing?"

                "Kinda. Makes me wonder if anyone else can tell, other than just him."

                "Nah. No way," Hizashi said, scratching softly at Shouta's scalp. "If he's trans, he probably just recognized something similar to himself. Besides, you're the toughest, strongest, most handsome badass man I know! No one would mistake you for a lady. Not in a million years." Hizashi leaned down a tad to press a kiss to his cheek. "Do you know how many guys would kill for a jawline like yours?"

                "God, that's pathetic," Shouta grumbled, his cheeks going a little pink despite himself. Hizashi's face lit up, and he rubbed his cheek into Shouta's messy hair. "Augh, Hizashi! Your glasses!"

                "You're so lovely when you blush!" Hizashi exclaimed, grin so wide it threatened to split his cheeks. "Love it! You're too cute! It's illegal for a guy to be so badass and adorable at the same time!"

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