Super Zero

I am hopelessly crushing.
No, not in love. This can’t be love.
Can it?
But before I get to that, there’s that bit about my past.
And, of course, the superheroes. But then something BIG happens, and I’m not sure life will ever be the same.


4. Violet Schemes

“You can’t just leave, Kieri.”

“Bezelle Yukizuri, do not tell me what I can and cannot do. I am a strong, independent woman and– fuck it, I have no idea what’s happening.”

I was talking to my very best friend, Zella. Full name, Bezelle Yukizuri. Middle name, Chu. Violet hair and a temper for miles, she was a beautiful Asian girl that could charm a boy or leave him crying in the streets. She had deep golden eyes with small brown shards in them that were almost impossible to hold.

“Zella, I have to do it. They need me to not be around for a few months, to see how it goes.”

“Kieri, you can’t seriously be considering this, right?” Zella was beside herself. It wasn’t like I was running away– just going to my pen pal’s house in London for three months, pretending like it was just a trip and I was staying at her house. Phsio would have found me by day one, but I’m paying in cash and using an alias to get places. My plan is a flawed one, but it’ll get me through this social rough patch.

Won’t it?

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