Super Zero

I am hopelessly crushing.
No, not in love. This can’t be love.
Can it?
But before I get to that, there’s that bit about my past.
And, of course, the superheroes. But then something BIG happens, and I’m not sure life will ever be the same.


3. Tu Lips

I woke up with my hands and legs wrapped up in blankets, covered in sweat, with a pounding headache.

I rubbed my temples, groaning.

What happened last night?

It couldn’t have been good.



I nearly sent Ula to the ER.

Oh, I was going to take a verbal beating from Chip.

Chip isn’t even his real name– it’s an alias. The fam just calls him Greilyn. It’s not his given name, but nobody knows that name so we just stick with Grey.

“I am so disappointed in you.”

Aaaaaand there it was. The unavoidable “disappointment” card.

“If you hadn’t taken away my laptop, I wouldn’t have gone. If you hadn’t stopped giving me allowances for the past month or two to buy fucking clothes, I wouldn’t have had to wear that stupid, too-small skirt. And if Ula wasn’t such a bitch, I wouldn’t have drunk so much and then gone ballistic. Okay?” I was a little out of breath from that one.

“You put the family integrity and reputation in jeopardy!”

“I was just being a normal teen!”

His face flushed a little, but he controlled it and snapped back, “you will never, ever be a normal teen!”

Grey was furious. I’d never seen him like this before. He smashed the door closed on the way out, and splinters flew.

They stuck in my hands as I tried to pry the stubborn thing to lock.

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