Super Zero

I am hopelessly crushing.
No, not in love. This can’t be love.
Can it?
But before I get to that, there’s that bit about my past.
And, of course, the superheroes. But then something BIG happens, and I’m not sure life will ever be the same.


2. Rose Hips

I smell cheap beer even before I get inside.

Jason Telford must have brought some shitty blend of water and liquor to the party as well, because it’s only ten and people are already throwing up in the bushes.

“Hey!” someone yells, and I feel a hand pulling at the back of my shirt.

I duck under the hand and spin around to see– oh fuck.

“Hey, Ula,” I say.

Ula is a 5’ 8” girl on the Pinewood High cheerleading squad. She chalks in at about 100 pounds and is currently the flier for our Olympic-standard team.

Her hair is a chestnut brown and her eyes are murky green color. I swear to god, if Edward Cullen were to pop up at our school he would dump Bella (she should’ve gone for Jacob anyways) and go for Ula. Ula’s main goal in life (besides becoming an Olympic gymnast) is to torment me until I leave the school.

“Hey slut, what happened to Ben Simpson? Weren’t you two, like, a thing?”

“Okay, one, what gives you the authority to call me a slut? Didn’t you fuck like, I dunno, every guy on the football team lasts month?”

Another thing: whenever Ula gets with someone, she immediately attaches herself to them and then says she isn’t ready to become exclusive.

But apparently she gives fantastic sex or something because she’s the most popular girl in the world.

Anyways, I was too sober to get into it with her right now. I walked over to the refreshments table to see Larry Poles serving punch.

“What’s in this stuff?” I asked, sniffing it cautiously.

“Pure fuel,” he said, leering at me from behind a floppy hat.

“I’m not stupid, Leery. I know that’s a Stranger Things reference.”

“I told you not to call me that!” Larry snapped, frowning.

“And I told you to stay the fuck away from me, pervert. I know you tried to rape Kayla Sloops last year. Just because the police can’t prove it because she moved doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

I walked away, taking a looooong drink of the punch. I nearly died choking on it. It was pretty much just straight vodka mixed with red food coloring and Kool Aid. Nice one, Jason.

I drank and danced and drank and danced and drankanddancedanddrankdrankdrank until my head spun and I felt like I couldn’t walk without falling. Except I could, and, unfortunately, Ula could too.

“I fucking haaaaaashte yooou. Fushin hate yooou.”

“I hate you too, bitch,” I meant to say back, but it came out like “I hashe yoooo tooooo bisssssshhh!”

She snarled and flung herself at me. Somehow, my completely fucked mind saw an opening and I punched her in the gut as she ran by. Her drunken rush had missed me by a foot. My fist struck her hard, and she nearly fell. Before she did, though, she grabbed my punching arm and wrenched me down. I was too drunk to stay up, and she landed on top. She straddled me and began scratching like a wild animal.

I bucked and flipped and turned and flipped her over. Blood ran down my face and adrenaline (plus the cheering of the crown) spurred me as I raked my nails down her face and rained down punches.

Suddenly, a familiar dark-chocolate and velvet voice jolted me out of my furious haze.

“KIERI!” thundered the voice. Warm, strong arms handed around my waist and ripped me from Ula. “Shtop it you lishtle bastarrrrd!” I slurred, snarling a little.

“Stop it, Kieri Kitten. C’mon and come with me to the car.”

I frowned a little. I knew that voice better than my own. I looked up at the man who had picked me up. I looked up into the golden eyes of Chip.

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