Super Zero

I am hopelessly crushing.
No, not in love. This can’t be love.
Can it?
But before I get to that, there’s that bit about my past.
And, of course, the superheroes. But then something BIG happens, and I’m not sure life will ever be the same.


5. Marry Gold

The Uber was disgusting. The guy kept leering at me and could barely keep his eyes on the road. By the time I was at the airport, I could barely keep from slapping the bastard.

News flash, boys: it might be meant as one, but leering creepily at girls is not a compliment.

Another thing: I had changed up my flight plan. Instead of flying JetBlue (as my original plan had called for) I was flying on Zella’s family’s private jet.

I’d trashed my old phone for a newer model (I payed in cash, of course) and used it to take tons of pictures. I was so posting this on Instagram when I was done.

By the time I’d gotten through the airport and to the Private Hangar, it was getting late. But the jet... oh heavens, the jet. There was air conditioning, there was plush furniture, there were buckets of saltwater taffy...

This was how to live. This was the high life.

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