Super Zero

I am hopelessly crushing.
No, not in love. This can’t be love.
Can it?
But before I get to that, there’s that bit about my past.
And, of course, the superheroes. But then something BIG happens, and I’m not sure life will ever be the same.


1. Imperfect

I am far from perfect.

I have a massive crush on someone I will never have love me.

I have a mottled eye that sees more than most.

I have a silver mark below the screwed up eye that could pass for a birthmark if it was smaller.

I have grey hair that I dyed last week with dollar store dye.

I snap at people too early.

I dance in the dark whenever I get the chance.

I sneak out and party.

I hate being hugged.

I spill secrets because I feel like I’ll explode otherwise.

People tell me all their secrets and it scares me.

I have too many flaws to list.

But, somewhere around in my messed up life, comes this story.

Because I am not normal. I belong to a family of the extraordinary.

Angyl can fly.

Phsio can make you see things.

Beck can talk to animals and plants.

And chip... Chip is untouchable. He is the clear leader, though Beck is the press girl. He is The One for me, but it’ll never work.

I’m pretty sure this is how I came to rest amongst the superheroes: I was rescued from a fire. Though I should have died (hundreds of adults did), I was found by the superhero crew’s father lying in a blazing inferno. Oniyo (the father) nearly died, but he saved me. I was only four at the time.

Now, I’m sixteen. Angyl’s nineteen. Chip’s twenty. Beck’s nineteen. Phsio’s seventeen. They all have powers. I don’t. But God, I wish I did.

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