Half-Blood Heroes: A kidnapped Goddess

This happens som weeks after Percy Jackson: The last Olympian.
It all happen so fast. One day me, my best friend, Tasha, and our whole class visit the Niagara falls. The next we are sent to some weird camp, I think it was Half-blood, and just like that my world view gets rocked around.


1. I fight a monster with a bracelet.

-Hey, dork! Why don't you just jump into the water! Oh wait, you are afraid of water because your  mom drowned in it!

The other girls laughed and pointed at me. I wanted to punch the teeth out of every single one of the, but I stopped myself, I would only get into trouble. Girls like Chloe always teased me. You know the kind of girls that are mean, shallow and beautiful. But not all beautiful girls in my grade were terrible, like my best friend Tasha. Tasha always thought first before action, but if someone said something about her or her family she wasn't afraid to give that person a black eye. I understood her. We both had family stuff going on, she had lived with her strict dad her whole life, until the day he gotten her sent to this boarding school for girls . Me myself had lived happily with my mother, because my father was no where to be seen, until the day she drowned in that lake. The government didn't know what to do with me, so they sent me here.

-You have no right in knowing that! I said. That's none of your business.

-Whatever! said Chloe. Your just a big loser!

I was just about to charge at her when our teacher, coach Hedge, walked in. I didn't hate him, but sometimes he was really annoying. The whole semester he kept pushing me and Tasha forward, expecting us to be the best. And I had no idea why.

-Is there a problem here, cupcakes?

​-No, coach, I said.

​-Good, Denzel. Now lets start. The Niagara Falls was formed more than 12,000 years ago. It is 53.6 meters and...

​He kept blabbing facts  about the Niagara Falls. Finally he stopped and we where divided into groups of four. Unfortunately for me, me and Tasha got stuck in a group with Chloe and her best friend, Tabitha.

​Because it was so loud, our group went into a room where it was more quite.

​-Ok, I said. First question, where did the Niagara Falls get its name from?

-​We have been expecting you, half-blood, said Chloe.

​-We wanted to attack right away, but you were always guarded, said Tabitha. Now nobody can save you.

​-What? I said. Tasha, what are they talking about?

​-No idea, she said. Maybe they are crazy?

​Suddenly Chloe and Tabitha changed until they were demons with fire hair and one horse leg and one metal leg. Did I mention that they had fangs?

​-W-what are you? said Tasha.

​-We are empusas, said Chloe and Tabitha in unison. Servers of Hecate.

​Right when they were about to charge coach Hedge suddenly  ran through the door yelling:


​I notice that he is holding a giant club and fights againts one of the empusas with it. But there was still one left.

​-I will destroy you both! Chloe screamed as she attacked us.

​Even though we were both disarmed, we managed to kick her to the side. Even before I had the chance to plan out our next move, coach Hedge threw me a bracelet with a lightning on it and Tasha a knife.

-What are we supposed to do with this? I asked.

​-Fight! Coach Hedge screamed as he hit the other empusa with his club.

​With no other choice, I pressed on the lightning sign on the bracelet and the bracelet grew until it was an awesome silver sword with an leather handle and a lightning sign on it. Suddenly Chloe stood up a jump unto Tasha and was about to slash her with her claws, so I did the only logical thing: I stabbed her with my sword. Weirdly enough Chloe screamed and vaporized, like she was made out of sand. I guess the same thing happened to Tabitha because when I looked at coach, she was gone.

-​I hate empusas, he said as he brushed of some dust from his shoulder.

​-Excuse me, coach, I said. But what the heck just happened!

​-Well, he said. You got attacked by angry monsters, who tried to kill you.

-​Why did they call us half-blood? asked Tasha.

​-What do you know about your parents? coach Hedge asked.

​-Well my mom passed away and my dad is probably dead too, I said with some sadness in my voice.

​-And you? asked coach nodding at Tasha.

​-My dad is a lawyer and my mom...is..gone, Tasha said.

​-Actually, your mom and your dad are Olympic gods, coach Hedge said with calmness in his voice.

​Before I could say anything a yellow cab appeared out of nowhere and out of it came a blond girl with stormgray eyes and a guy with black hair and sea-green eyes. What I noticed about both of them is that both of them had a white\grey streak in their hair.

-Is this them? the blond girl asked.

-Yes, coach Hedge said.

​-Excuse me, I said. But who are you?

​-I`m Annabeth, the blond girl said. And this is Percy.






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