Half-Blood Heroes: A kidnapped Goddess

This happens som weeks after Percy Jackson: The last Olympian.
It all happen so fast. One day me, my best friend, Tasha, and our whole class visit the Niagara falls. The next we are sent to some weird camp, I think it was Half-blood, and just like that my world view gets rocked around.


3. Crazy campfire!

Hi, I said with a warm smile. I am Sky and this is Tabitha. This is the Hermes cabin, right? 

-Yeah, Connor said with a smile. You are new here, right? I am the the counselor of this cabin. Have you been claimed yet? 

-No,Tabitha said. But we are crossing our fingers. 

-Hopefully, you are not a child of hermes, Connor said, looking directly at me. 

-What? I asked. What do you mean? 

-Nothing, Connor said, blushing. Nothing at all. 

Before I could ask anymore it was time for dinner. When me and Tabitha sat down with the rest of the Hermes cabin was "when were we going to be claimed?". After a while we could not take it anymore, we asked Connor. 

-I do not know, he said. But it does not taked much time. I would guess at the campfire? 

After dinner I just sat at my bed worrying about who my godly dad could be. One thing for sure: I would always respect him and be humble if i would meet him. I know what happened to those who did not, I used to read greek mythology. And I did not want to be punished so bad. Before I could think about it anymore Tabitha rushed in, telling me that is was time for the campfire. 

Hopefully, time to get claimed! 

When we arrived the whole camp sang some weird song about dressing up for war. While they were singing I saw Annabeth and Percy in the corner whispering about something. 

-They are wondering if you are the daughter of who they think you are, Tabitha said. 

-How did you know? I asked Tabitha. 

-I just do, she said smiling. 

After way too many songs, a creature stepped through. From the waist upp he was a normal middle age man, but from the waist down he was a white stallion! 

What the...? I thought. 

-Thats chiron, Connor said, appearing out of nowhere. 

-You got to stop doing that! I said. But thanks for the information. 

Before we could continue our conversation Chiron said something and then my name, and suddenly all eyes were on me! 

-What? I said a little too loud. 

I heard some Aphrodite kids laughing. 

-I just said that you are our newest half-blood, Chiron said. Welcome! 

-Thanks, I guess, I said. 

-I heard she had to be rescued by Jackson, a kid in the crowd said. 

-I heard she cried when she found out she was a half-blood, another kid said. 

-Settle down, everyone! Chiron said. 

A boy from the Ares cabin sat upp. 

-Do we know who her olympian parent is? He asked. 

-Not yet, Chiron. But I am sure it will be revealed soon. Ah! I almost forgot, she is not the only new half-blood around here. 

He pointed at Tabitha. 

-Please stand up, he said. 

Almost instantly I could see that Tabitha wanted to die. Her legs were shaking and her eyes were full of fear and her face was red. I understood her, being infront of big crowds were NOT her thing. 

-Hi, she said with a shaking voice. 

She was dead. I could kids snickering and passing comments about her like: 

-She might be the daughter to the God of dorks! 


-Looks like Chase and Jackson found a wimp! 

I hated bullies, so when I heard these things I could imagine myself breaking every bone of every person in here. But before I could act something marvelous happened. While I had been to busy glaring angry at everyone in here something had happened to Tabitha. A pink bright glow shined on her and... O DEAR GOD her clothes!  Instead of her usual casual t-shirt and jeans she had a gorgeous sleeveless white dress with gold lines on the sides! Big pretty gold earings hung of her ears and a gold  necklace with white golden flowers hung of her neck. Her hair had been let down and had a golden tiara in it. Her makeup was done to perfection with colors that brought out her green eyes and big lips. She looked like a princess! Even standing next to her made me hate my clothes. I finally noticed that everyone had gone silent, probably from schock or something. Then I realized one more thing: Tabitha had been claimed by none other than Aphrodite! How could I not see?! She wayyy prettier than any girl back at the academy and I`d never noticed but even by walking by she could attract boys like that. Even with her motning bad breath and her super messy hair was pretty in its own way! Before I could say something Chiron bowed down and we followed his example. 

-All hail Tabitha Fallon! He said. Daughter to Aphrodite Godess of Love and Lady of the doves! 





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