Half-Blood Heroes: A kidnapped Goddess

This happens som weeks after Percy Jackson: The last Olympian.
It all happen so fast. One day me, my best friend, Tasha, and our whole class visit the Niagara falls. The next we are sent to some weird camp, I think it was Half-blood, and just like that my world view gets rocked around.


2. Camp AMAZING!

​-Hi,I said. I am Sky and this is Tasha. Where did taxi come from? 

-It is not important, Annabeth said. What attacked you?

-Empusas, Coach Hedge said. We need to take these kids to the camp now!

-Lets go! Percy said as he opened the taxi door. Come on! 

-Where? Tasha asked. 

 -The only place in the World that is safe for people like us, Annabeth said.  

-Not Another school,right? Tasha asked. 

-Nope, Percy said. You'll definetly like it there. 

We all squeezed into the cab and we were off. I looked out the window and suddenly I had this weird feeling in my stomach, like something big was about to happen. And then, out of nowhere, we all Heard this big thud on the roof of the cab. 

-I will handle that, Percy said as he went through the door and climbed up towards the cab roof. Strangely he had a pen in his hand. 

-What was that? Tasha asked as we both saw  dust going  past the windows. 

-Probably some Harpies, Annabeth said with a weird calmness in her voice. Percy will handle it. 

Before I could ask what the heck a Harpy was, Percy climbed into our cab again. 

-We are here, he said with a grin on his face. Check it out! 

As I looked outside I could not do anything but stare in amazement. It was like the best vision of a camp ever! With an climbing wall, a sword fighting arena, a Pegasus stable and much more, I could really feel at home here. As we walked down a hill I could see that there was different houses. I wondered why. 

-The cabins are for the different gods Children to live, said Annabeth. That is why they are so different. 

-Awesome! said Tasha. Which God is my parent? 

-We do not know yet, Percy said. That is why you are staying in the Hermes cabin until your godly parent gives us some sort of sign. That is called being claimed. 

We approached a big cabin with the number 11 on it. When we Went inside it was completly empty. 

-Make yourselfs at home, Percy said as he and Annabeth left. 

I looked around the cabin. It seemed pretty cousy. Me and Tasha choose beds next to each other and just sat there talking. 

-This Place is Amazing! I said. I could easily make this my home. 

-Way better than the Academy, Tasha said. Speaking of the Academy, do you Think we will be attacked of more monsters like Chloe? 

-Not here in camp, Said a voice behing me. 

Both me and Tasha jumped. Who just stands in the corner and listens like that?! 

Suddenly a dude stepped out of the shadow. He had soft blue eyes, brown hair and a tall figure. Not the worst person who ever scared me. 

-Who are you?! Tabitha asked with much anger in her voice. And what the heck are you doing just standing there? 

-Sorry, he said. My name is Connor stoll.

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