Half-Blood Heroes: A kidnapped Goddess

This happens som weeks after Percy Jackson: The last Olympian.
It all happen so fast. One day me, my best friend, Tasha, and our whole class visit the Niagara falls. The next we are sent to some weird camp, I think it was Half-blood, and just like that my world view gets rocked around.


4. A Godess invades my dreams.

The things that happened at the campfire must have really stressed me out, because as soon as I saw my bed I collapsed. 

Connor had told me about the ability demigods had to Dream about the Past, the Present and the Future. But my Dream was different. Instead of dreaming about what I thought I would be dreaming about, I dreamt of my mom.  

It was a quiet  evening. As I tried to look around I saw something way to familiar: our RV. It was parked right next to this lake which was serene. But it could not fool me. At a distance a saw a beautiful woman in her thirties waving at me in a canoe in the lake. Her black hair, her Brown Eyes and they way she smiled all brought up stuff inside me that I wanted to push down, but I could not. I could not help myself;tears started to roll down my face. As luck would have it my Dream started to change Before I could see that awful thing that was about to happen: that woman would try to stand upp in the canoe and she would fall into the water, never to be seen above it again. 


When my dream changed I was in one of my favorite spots in the World: my hometown library. It looked just as I remembered: with Brown walls, books wherever you look and a big Picture of New york City. I never knew why they put it there, but it weirdly enough fit in. 

-This is nice, I said to myself. 

-Isn't? a voice said behind me. 

Ever since Connor scared me I hated when people snuck behing my back. I turned and was just about to ask who it was when I saw her. 

The woman was breathtaking. She had long, lush, brown hair to her midback, a truly stunning face with Hazel Eyes and beatiful lips, and she wore a simple, yet fashionable, White dress made of silk. 

If I even looked at my clothes and then hers, I almost puked. I wondered what line of clothes she wore, if she had any Beauty tips and- 

Focus! I told myself. You don't even know who she is! 

I collected myself and then asked: 

-Who are you? 

-Don't you know, dear? she asked with a voice so Lovely and calm, that it could bring an angry giant to sleep. I thought you had Heard about. I am your best friends mother. 

-Aphrodite, I said loud, if i hadn't been a Dream I would have fainted. The godess of love stod right infront of me and I did not even recognized her! 

Aphrodite must have felt my shame because she started to laugh. It was a marvelous laugh, full of Life. It might had been my imagination, but it seemed like it filled me with strength. 

-It is alright, she said. People nowadays would not recognize us gods even if we were right under their noses. It is a shame, really. 

-What brings you here? I asked, because Godesses don't appear in someones Dream unless they want something. 

-I am here to warn you, my daughter and that guy you like, she said. Was it Cooper? 

-Its Connor, I said, then blushed because I had basically told the name of my crush to her. But we are just friends. 

-I don't Think you even Believe that, Aphrodite said, winking. Anyway,  fellow Godess of mine needs some help, but it is not going to be easy. 

-You mean a quest? I asked. But I do not even know who my parent is and we have not gotten a prophecy! 

-All in time ,my dear, Aphrodite said. Just remember, try not to die. I'm afraid your father would not like that. 

-Do you know who it is? I asked. Please tell me! 

Aphrodite opened her mouth, but instead of her voice I Heard Connors: 

-Wake upp!  

I opened my Eyes, only to see Connor sitting next to me.  

-Finally, he said, rollig his Eyes playfully. You would not Wake upp! 

I was right about to protest when I remembered Aphrodite saying "I don't Think even you Believe that". I could feel the warmth going upp to my face, and I tried to ignore it. Behind me I felt this tiny wind like someone was moving a tiny bit. Before I could say anything I grabbed Connors hand trying to steal my bracelet/sword. 

-Don't even Think about it, I said sternly, looking directly into his Eyes. 

I thought he would at least be a Little scared, instead he grinned. 

-Can't blame I guy for trying, he said with a sparkle in his Eyes. 

At this Point I wanted to pull him in and kiss him, but we had other stuff to Think about. 

-I need to talk to Chiron, I said. 


After telling him what Aphrodite told me Chiron stared at the leopardhead. I almost jumped out of the sofa when it snarled.  

-I cannot let you on this quest until you get a prophecy, he said after a while. We need to wait. 

-Ok, I said, even though I wanted to Yell out "WHY?!". 

It was not fair that my lazy father could not claim me in time for me to get a prophecy. I wanted to go! So instead of going on a great adventure I spend my afternoon with Tabitha and Connor riding Pegasus. But that was not so bad either. It was pretty awesome. For some reason flying in the sky on a Pegasus cleared my head and I could Think better.  

-WOHOO! Tabitha screamed. THIS IS AWESOME! 

I laughed and soared uppwards. 

-I know right? I said, laughing. 

With all that screaming and laughing we did, we attracted some campers. The most campers snickered and pointed at us, but I could'nt care less. It was great! Suddenly I heard a scream from Tabitha. She had accidently slipped of her pegasus and was tumbling towards the ground! I knew that if she landed on the ground, she would die. I could not let that happen. She was more than a friend, she was my sister. Without even thinking I jumped. 


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