Connect to Me

A collection of poems, short stories, memos, and quotes dedicated to love.


3. scent . The feeling that I want to keep filling up my nostrils with .


You have a beauty that demands to be seen and appreciated. And the crazy part is, you can't even see it. You don't feel it. It's all over you, radiating off of  your skin and emanating through your body. And yet, somehow you don't notice. 

Kind of like how you can't smell your own scent, but others can identify it with you. This beauty of yours is the scent you have, and it's so strong and you can't get rid of it. 

Bright and warm, like what I imagine plants feel during photosynthesis. But that's just my interpretation. 

All these flowers stuffed in my lungs; is this what love is? 

I wish it had less pollen. 

I just want to be good enough to hold you. I hope your roots manifest strong within me. I want my soil to be the richest, and my water to give the best nourishment. I made changes in hopes to see you growing for me.. because of me. 


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