Connect to Me

A collection of poems, short stories, memos, and quotes dedicated to love.


2. over . The feeling when your shoes no longer fit and you have to let them go .


I don't know who changed first. 

Me or You. You or me. 

It's different now. Not bad, just off. 

Like someone tipped our perfectly imbalanced scale. 

Maybe it's my fault. Maybe it is the mysterious No One's Fault. 

I don't know. I tend to say that a lot recently. 

But what I do know? We used to be partners in crime. 

Angels with shotguns. Fighters with broken dreams.

Angsty, Childish Imaginators. 

People with matching emotional scars etched deep into our skin. 

You fell down the rabbit hole and I was there when you reached the bottom. 

I miss that. I miss us. I miss everything we used to be. 

But now, you and I are different... but I think that's okay?

We don't need each other anymore, and I think that's okay too. 

Because, looking back now, I realize that we were crutches for each other, for our broken legs of youth. 

But now, we can walk a bit better on our own. Time and maturity have set our insecurities on a path to be healed. 

Because you have found the stars that know what you need. They know how to make you the luminescent moon I always knew you could be. 

And I have found the wispy clouds that somehow make me a brighter sun. 

And I'm reminded that at night, I can see you shining beautifully, and it hurts a little less. 

And in the day time, don't forget you can look up and see me, brightly boasting my warmth and light, and I hope that gives you closure. 


❧ For a dream that ended, but will never be forgotten

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