The Witches Diary

Jinks a teenage girl living a normal life until one day she wakes up and sees something she's not supposed to see. She can see the dead. She can talk with animals. And most importantly she has to find her real mother and father. The mother and father she has known since she was a baby are Christians and Jinks is not. The more she finds out about what she can do the harder it is to keep the secret from her family.


73. Entry 73; Feb 14, 2019

I used to hate this day so much. But Felix has another idea. He came to school with a heart box of chocolates and a big thing of my favorite flowers. (Prince's Feather, some purple Aubretia, Baby's Breath, and Bleeding Hearts all mixed in with pink roses.) I was okay with that but his taking my hand to lead me outside was more of a surprise. He told me that I could choose which one I wanted and it was a bucket filled with stuffed animals and candles and stones. I had never seen anything like it. I didn't take anything because I had already gotten more than what I normally would have gotten today. Flowers and chocolates? What more could I take from him? And in the afternoon he says he has something planned for us. I don't know what it would be but I am kind of hoping we will go and take a walk somewhere. I have to go now. Bye.

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